The March crypto trend and its effect on GreenHashes

Bitcoin’s movement stats over the years indicate that March is not the best time for cryptocurrency. Usually the currency shows a negative trend within a month. This is what the statistics for the past 11 years in March look like, translated into percentages:

Growth – 27%.
A sideways trend, which did not lead to price changes – 9%.

Regardless, the popularity of cryptocurrencies as a new financial instrument is growing. The proliferation of digital assets is made possible by the shortcomings of obsolete fiat currencies. Many investors pay attention to Bitcoin because it is the flagship of the crypto industry. As a result, the demand for the currency is growing.

Investors will use bitcoin to hedge against inflation as the US Federal Reserve continues to spend money.

One of the key trends that makes it possible to positively assess the outlook for bitcoin in 2022 is the level of adoption. Chainalysis’s Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Index, which spans 154 countries, has grown 881% from 2020.

Many members of the crypto community believe that BTC will be able to return to the $50,000 mark in March 2022. Furthermore, it will break through the resistance at this level and move to the previous level of $60-65,000, after which it will reach new highs closer to the fall of 2022. Experts estimate the forecast for Bitcoin’s growth of 900% in 2022.

The main branch of cryptocurrency investment falls on mining: investors began to actively buy shares of large mining companies, some tried to create their data centers. The task turned out not to be the easiest one: in addition to money, knowledge, labor and nerves, a lot of time is spent on maintenance and care of the equipment. Therefore, the most profitable way to

investing in cryptocurrency at the moment is cloud mining – the user rents the power of big mining companies and collects cryptocurrency in a personal wallet. Leave all the work to the professionals and enjoy passive income as you watch Bitcoin grow this year.

One of the most popular representatives of Cloud Mining is: Green Hashes† They are the first to start mining cryptocurrency in an environmentally friendly way, allowing them to keep up with the times and increase their income while protecting our environment.

Renewable Energy Sources: Sun, water and wind help increase mining company capacity, which: an undeniable advantage for anyone who rents power from these guys. A large selection of contracts allows anyone, both beginners and professionals, to try cloud mining and add it to their arsenal of passive income. All you need is to visit their website and familiarize yourself with the offers.

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