yAxis v3 brings 2.5x APR boost to Avalanche Network

The yAxis team is proud to announce that we are launching on the AVAX network, our very first outside of Ethereum! we will now have four vaults in the Avalanche ecosystem.


Leading APRs
Four vaults on Avalanche for a variety of options (3CRV, Tricrypto, AVAX, JOE)
Hassle-free automatic composition
Native Bridge from AVAX to ETH
Battle-tested vault architecture
Code scrutinized through two comprehensive audits

yAxis on avalanche

The decision to move to other chains was an obvious one: transaction speed and gas costs aren’t always the friendliest on the Ethereum mainnet, and we want to make sure users of all sizes can use our services without breaking the bank.

The question was: which way should we go? There are so many L1 and L2 options out there, and choosing the “best” is no easy decision.

We chose Avalanche for a number of reasons:

The TVL is here.
Transaction fees are extremely cheaper than ETH mainnet
Deployment is much faster with an EVM compatible network

The ability to deftly deploy safes is very important to our user satisfaction and project success.

yAxis v3 vaults

The upcoming AVAX vaults are built on a plethora of successful, powerful dApps.

The 3CRV and TRICRYPTO vaults accept tokens from Curve. The AVAX vault supports AAVE assets. And the JOE vault supports Trader Joe’s LP tokens. Bringing these pool tokens to their respective yAxis vaults will give you a market leading return.

Users can choose to simply deposit and earn. For those looking to maximize their returns, yAxis offers a 2.5x boost on rewards APR.

Earn more with yAxis’ Auto Compound

The yAxis protocol pools users’ funds, deposits them into respective Convex pools, regularly collects the rewards and then automatically aggregates those rewards through our smart contracts. This auto-compiling feature maximizes profit potential to deliver market-leading returns.

Bridge from ETH to AVAX

Users can easily bridge YAXIS tokens from Ethereum Mainnet to Avalanche through the token bridge. The decision to build a bridge was an easy one as it allows existing yAxis users on ETH to transition seamlessly to AVAX.

And to ensure the best possible user experience, yAxis will be launched on the decentralized TraderJoe exchange. This allows AVAX native users to purchase and interact with yAxis v3 without ever leaving the Avalanche ecosystem.

Don’t forget voting power!

Another key feature of the vaults relates to yAxis’ native governance token, YAXIS. Locking YAXIS tokens in the protocol gives users voting power in the form of veYAXIS (voting escrow YAXIS).

Voting power is an important component in many of the vault revenue generation functions. First, “Personal Boost Multipliers (PBM)”.

A PPE represents a personalized “BOOST” to reward APRs. yAxis PPE allows users to receive up to 2.5x boost on their rewards. A minimum APR reward of 10% combined with a MAX 2.5x Boost would result in a 25% APR reward.

Another component is the ability to vote with veYAXIS to send additional rewards to users’ vaults of choice. This multi-directional tug-of-war allows users to increase their vault APR by increasing the value of received YAXIS tokens.

Finally, veYAXIS is also used in project management and is used to vote on important project decisions.

Find yAxis v3 here https://app.yaxis.io/

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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