Why the Novatar collection stands alone in the NFT sector

Social media seems to be on the eve of a transformation. Major platforms started integrating with digital assets in the form of NFTs and crypto payments. Formerly led by Bitcoin bull Jack Dorsey, Twitter seems to be anticipating a race that started for many years ago. Big tech is just catching up.

Twitter recently allowed its users to use their NFTs as a profile picture with a new part of their Twitter Blue initiative. Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and other social media platforms could soon follow in the footsteps of Twitter and integrate NFTs into their platforms.

The sector has experienced unprecedented growth with 2022 in line to be another year of adoption of high demand for these digital assets. A Reuters report notes that last year alone, NFT sales hit an impressive total of $25 billion, representing a 26,000% increase compared to 2020.

The sector has attracted the attention of private and institutional investors for its potential to completely transform multiple sectors such as entertainment, sports, gaming, apparel and fashion, among others. NFTs can disrupt industries worth billions of dollars in value.

By 2022, the industry is expected to reach total revenues of $80 billion, driven by growing interest, demand and inherent scarcity. Its implementation on social media platforms with billions of monthly active users will only contribute to the upward trajectory of these digital assets.

Before big tech entered this race, there was: Novatar, a project designed to meet the demand for NFTs. This collection aims to establish itself in the sector by offering its owners an innovative and high-tech approach.

The Novatars collection and its unique features, creating a digital identity

The Novatar collection is designed to be the first to combine the appeal of these digital assets with the use of digital identity. The Novatars collection consists of 25,000 baby avatars with a range of technologically advanced features.

In that sense, Novatars is designed to innovate the way users interact with their NFTs by embracing the diversity of human life. The baby avatars have a unique mechanism that allows them to age through a process supported by the blockchain.

The NFTs in this collection have different traits, facial expressions and other characteristics attributed by their “genes”, a function that complements the aging mechanism. These genes determined Novatar’s haircut, eye color, race, sexual orientation, clothing, and other traits.

The Novatars collection, automatically generated by artificial intelligence (AI), celebrates diversity and attempts to mimic the full span of a human life cycle on the blockchain. The aging mechanism can be activated one month after the NFT is minted solely by the owner.

Users can choose to keep their NFTs in their baby form or activate the process that makes them irreversibly mature. Once they grow, the Novatars will add more genes to their base gene pool and gain new traits.

What now for the Novatar project?

To become one of the first investors to own one of the 25,000 Novatar NFT, the project will hold a sale on February 27, 2022.

Interested users need to link their crypto wallets through the browser and enter a valid email address. By completing this process, the user is added to a wishlist and gains access 15 minutes early to purchase one of 10,000 Novatars available for 0.1 ETH. After this event, the items from the collection will be offered at a Dutch Auction for a limited number of NFTs.

After the pre-sale, the team behind the Novatar project will focus on developing the collection. As of now, the smart contract that supports the project has been released and users can verify for themselves the immense potential of this collection and why it is poised to become an industry leader.

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