Why are real estate investors going crazy with virtual countries?

The value proposition of virtual land works in the same way as the real world. High-quality properties are often located near shops and activities, where people will pay a higher rent to live on.

Of course, the value of virtual land only increases as areas develop and people get involved in the metaverse. This prospect is why there are many skeptics of such an investment. The multimillion-dollar investments in virtual land are all a risk, but it’s not unfounded.

After all, celebrities and stars buy virtual land for all sorts of reasons. Some celebrities, like Snoop Dogg, buy land to get ahead of the trend or because they like it. Others, such as the Winklevoss Twins, to invest in the country for educational purposes — to build exhibits that teach others about crypto and the metaverse as a whole.

From there, fans have the option to buy metaverse properties next to their favorite stars and pay top dollar for it. Those interested in investing in virtual real estate are betting on the possibility that their land will become more valuable over time, hence their optimistic attitude towards virtual land as a whole. If you’re wondering why some believe that metaverse is the biggest investment opportunity, land value valuation is one of them.

In some areas, such as PolkaCity, property owners earn passive income through annual interest rates. Unfortunately, for some, passive income is not a feature of all metaverse projects, and it is always a risk to invest in an asset that expects a profit later on. This variety of income methods is all the more reason to do some in-depth research before investing.

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