Ways to Help Ukraine: WhitePay Store

About a year ago, WhitePay was founded in Ukraine, which creates a cryptocurrency POS solution for businesses. They had big and great plans, but the Russian aggression broke not only their plans, but also the dreams and lives of all Ukrainians.

Many corrupt pro-Russian media are engaged in propaganda and brainwashing. They are involved in popular misinformation and brazenly lie that Russia is not attacking Ukraine, killing civilians and destroying our homes. It’s all a lie – yes, it’s war in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army, territorial defense and ordinary citizens are fighting heroically against the Russian occupiers and will continue to do so until all Russian invaders have left our country. Ukrainians are people who fight in the streets, defend our country and support each other.

WhitePay donation platform

From the beginning of the war that Russia started against Ukraine, the WhitePay team launched a crypto donation campaign, and we will transfer all the money to those who need help. They accept all cryptocurrency donations, quickly convert them into hryvnias and transfer them to the official IBAN of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Ukrainian National Bank and volunteers.

Thanks to the combined efforts and responsiveness of the people, they have already raised and transferred more than USD 2 million.

On the WhitePay platform, you can donate money to such organizations:

Ukrainian army: While the army of Ukraine has succeeded in pushing back the Russian troops, you can support Ukrainian soldiers financially and donate money to help the armed forces of Ukraine. Ministry of Health of Ukraine: A large number of Ukrainian military personnel and civilians have suffered from military aggression and are therefore in need of medical assistance; Humanitarian aid: Many civilians in Ukraine have lost their homes and are in need of food, gasoline and other necessities.

The number of donations is increasing every day, and we are very grateful to those who help us and Ukraine in these difficult and dark times.

In more detail, the WhitePay fund raised such an amount for several organizations to help Ukraine:

Total amount – USD 1 264 562 Transferred to help the Ukrainian army – USD 831 948 Transferred to help the Ukrainian Ministry of Health – USD 166 389 Transferred to help the territorial defense – USD 232 945

how you can help

Only through concerted efforts can this war be over, and a peaceful sky is all we’ve dreamed of!

Follow the links and send cryptocurrency to the Armed Forces Assistance Fund. Each crypto is converted into UAH and transferred to the official IBAN of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Ukrainian National Bank and volunteers.

Ways to support Ukraine:

Assistance to the Armed Forces: https://zsu.pay.whitepay.com/ Assistance to the refugees and people residing in the cities: https://moz.pay.whitepay.com
Humanitarian Aid: https://whitebit.pay.whitepay.com/

Image: Pixabay

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