Viblos gears up for White Paper 1.1 launch

Viblos, a decentralized, decentralized, and instant revenue-based platform for content producers, has announced the upcoming launch of its White Paper 1.1. The platform is approaching beta launch and community enthusiasm is growing rapidly. The platform held its AMA session on February 25 amid growing community demand for more information.

Through an algorithmic validation approach based on community consensus, the Viblos platform enables the community to approve their works before they are released to the market. Money can also be earned on the platform with the work of the creators. Viblos is a decentralized autonomous organization created to give users control over the media they create and consume on the platform. Viblos’ DAO is the social media counterpart of Switzerland’s direct democracy. Management is in the hands of the users, who are in charge of their own data and privacy.

Over the past decade, prominent social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have evolved from simple entertainment venues into a cornerstone in the way of life of many communities. Today, these sites are owned by a small number of major platforms that have complete control over the Internet. While these platforms undoubtedly provide a respectable service to their consumers, the benefits they offer come at an exorbitant price that most users are not aware of. This is mainly due to the fact that the vast majority of users do not read through all the terms and conditions when joining a social networking site. In addition to ignoring consumer privacy, the algorithms and political leanings of these platforms are skewed when it comes to ranking content. The fact is that the major social media platforms have adopted a dynamic that is dangerous for our right to free speech.

What makes Viblos unique?

Viblos is a tokenized mixed social network that promotes business, community building, and democratic, free speech-based social interactions. While there are of course limits that should never be crossed, unlike most major platforms, Viblos would never demonize or censor anyone for having a different perspective. Viblos is unique in that it not only embraces concepts of major social networks, but has also pioneered a new business model and privacy policy in the field of social networks. The construction of Viblos is enhanced by its blockchain and allows users to share and monetize their personal data in a transparent, secure and verifiable manner. The Viblos token is the heart of the Viblos ecosystem.

Built FOR the people, BY the people: the first decentralized social network based on blockchain technology and the principles of Swiss democracy. Viblos is designed to give power back to the people: by transforming them from passive goods on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to active earners in this new economy.

Join the New Economic Ecosystem: Viblos isn’t just a social network – it’s a personal ecosystem within the global economy that gives us all the opportunity to get a fair share of the profits. Users can finally say goodbye to ad-supported social networks. Viblos makes every member a stakeholder and is fully committed to keeping it that way.

Blockchain: The Liberating Force: Viblos is built on DAO blockchain technology, which enables secure, transparent and tamper-resistant transactions between users. This means that all interactions on the network, including voting, content sharing and earning rewards, are recorded and verified.

New Business Models for its Users: Viblos is a much better alternative than conventional social networks as it not only brings all the benefits to its users but also provides them with new business models. In addition, the privacy of participants will not be demonized, abused or violated. With Viblos, there are several ways for users to monetize by renting content or staking the tokens to create and share NFTs on the platform.

Freedom and no demonetization: Viblos will never punish creators for having different views, and because the platform is decentralized, any decision regarding content will be made democratically. The Viblos ecosystem is easy to use and seeks to remove the complex barriers present in the traditional social media sector.

To empower and build their ventures, Viblos plans to create a common thread and communication channel between celebrities and influencers and their networks. Simply put, Viblos is a go-to platform where all your wishes and goals, whatever they may be, can come true. Our mantra is: “one minute is enough; everything is possible within Viblos”.

Viblos is part of both the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of People (IoP). The company is building this platform to help content creators earn a decent living by valuing their skills and social interactions. Today’s social media networks are infrastructure oriented and therefore cannot meet the demands of modern society. The whole concept of cyber-physical convergence is to enhance social interactions through an open, transparent, verifiable and secure platform.

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