Trava Finance launches TraDAO, a game-changer for DeFi and Web 3.0

Trava Finance, a leading decentralized marketplace for cross-chain lending, has unveiled the launch of its latest product TraDAO. This development is expected to benefit the Trava Finance ecosystem.

Launch of a comprehensive DeFi and Web 3.0 protocol

TRADAO stands out as the first protocol to support multi-chain implementation in DeFi 2.0 and Web 3.0. It is designed as a protocol-property liquidity (POL) that accumulates value through bonding and auto-compound staking activities regulated by Trava Treasury.

Compared to other platforms in DeFi 2.0 space, TRADAO protocol offers several unique value propositions to users through its native token called TOD. TOD is a decentralized reserve currency backed by Trava Treasury to ensure it does not fall below its $1 base value.

To ensure this is achieved, a Mint & Burn mechanism has been launched to ensure value is preserved through various incentives for holders. In addition, DeFi users can get an optimized experience with TRADAO.

Users can use the bonding feature to buy TOD at a discounted price compared to exchanges in other assets such as stablecoins, LP tokens and more. Bonders have a certain threshold of TOD tokens that they are entitled to under specific conditions.

TRADAO further allows users to buy more TOD tokens with less collateral through the bond installment feature. Users can then use their assets in the Staking strategy to pay off their initial debt.

A stakeout feature will be launched that will allow TOD holders to place their assets in the auto-compiled vault and earn discounted rewards. These rewards are received from the sale of bonds in Trava’s treasury or profits from other activities under the protocol.

In addition, TRADAO has initiated a wallet reputation system that will bring more benefits to users. This feature acts as a credit scoring system. Long-term holders of assets within the Trava ecosystem gain a high wallet reputation.

An interoperable ecosystem

Trava Finance will integrate TRADAO into its ecosystem. Trava tokens will serve as governance token and reward tokens. Therefore, holders can make proposals and vote to determine the future of the project.

In addition, those who wager TOD Tokens will receive rewards in TRAVA Tokens and can use them to buy TRADAO Bonds. TRADAO’s liquidity can be deposited into Trava Lending Pool to generate more profits to be shared with users across the Trava ecosystem.

The launch of TRADAO is expected to have several beneficial effects on Trava’s ecosystem stability. Some of these include the increase in TRAVA TVL, TOD tokens for Trava’s lending pool as collateral and the inclusion of Trava’s assets as part of the TraDAO portfolio’s reputation.

There are more developments ahead

Trava Finance plans to launch an Initial Users Offering (IUO) on March 2 at 3:00 PM UTC. Participants can benefit from being the first to use the protocol. The event will feature a whitelist and lucky participants will be able to purchase TOD token at the lowest price before launching on DEX(es).

Trava will also launch the main features of TRADAO in Q1 2022. Users can use their tokens to buy bonds and receive rewards. Visit the links below to learn more about Trava Finance and TraDAO.

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