TheRandomDao, a project created by a 12-year-old child prodigy, is featured on LBank

Meme coins have been popular in the crypto space for a while now and most of them are animal related. Dogs in particular are the most popular meme element used in the global meme coin community. From Dogecoin to Shiba Inu (SHIB), the success of countless meme coins has been observed by the vast majority of crypto investors and enthusiasts.

And now, perhaps this perennial trend of using the animal as the main meme coin element is coming to an end, with the start of a new meme created by a child prodigy. Recently, random (RND), a 12-year-old elementary school student’s new project, sparked another “meme boom” and caused a sensation in the crypto community. After getting wide attention, it is now listed on LBank Exchange to bring opportunities to more people interested in RND investment.

Meme and the child prodigy

On February 6, an extensive discussion took place in the crypto space, all because a 12-year-old kid released a video tutorial of smart contract on bilibili, a popular Chinese video website. According to the video he sent, his name is Huang Zheng and he is still in primary school.

Huang Zheng said he implemented a smart contract on the Ethereum network at the end of January. The tutorial is based on the whole process of implementing the smart contract, introducing the creation, implementation, testing, release and subsequent content of the smart contract in detail. He hopes the video will help people learn how to make their own smart contract. This video has already been removed.

Although Huang Zheng has repeatedly emphasized that he is only an elementary school student and hopes to learn and progress with everyone, his potential cannot be underestimated.

Huang Zheng started learning programming six years ago and came into contact with the Solidity language in the second half of 2021. Out of interest in Solidity, Huang Zheng created RND token on the Ethereum network through tutorial and implemented a smart contract. RND has no private sales and is broadcast live to 101010 users. Such a huge airdrop event soon attracted people to join one after another and RND suddenly became a popular project in the crypto community. Some people even started to expect that Huang Zheng would become the next Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum.

The full name of the RND project is TheRandomDao. The official website page is very concise, with just a few words of project introduction. According to the information on the official website, a total of 37.8 trillion RND tokens have been issued, 12% of which are to Huang Zheng’s parents to thank them for their dedication and love over the past 12 years. In addition, 38% will be provided for liquidity mining and the remaining 50% will be deployed to 101010 people. At the moment, the airdrop has already been completed, which will be claimed within a year, and the unclaimed tokens after a year will be immediately destroyed.

It is worth noting that the RND token is only used as a demonstration in the Solidity Programming tutorial video and has no other value. Based on this, many people believe that RND also belongs to the meme coin family. Meme culture no longer has to use animals as their main element, but has a new identity that is created regardless of profit and is more “random” as the name implies.

Will RND be the next SHIB?

There is no doubt that the RND token issued by Huang Zheng contains a meme element. While meme coins are currently popular, they have also been widely criticized. Their prices are usually driven up by giant whales or countless small investors. Since the prices have no practical support, they will collapse on their own if there is no profit.

When it comes to meme coins, investors always feel a little suspicious of their hype. SHIB has successfully transformed itself into a much-loved project after being hyped by the community. As a hot meme project, will RND token be the next SHIB?

Huang Zheng himself tweeted that RND has no practical value and is only used for demonstration in the Solidity programming tutorial video and requested that the RND token value not be overhyped.

As soon as this tweet was sent, two voices immediately appeared in the community. Some people said that RND itself is a DAO. There is no private sale, no public offering, no different ICOs or IEOs. Instead, anyone can get a free airdrop. Overall, this is the real DAO, something that a group of people think is valuable. There were also some other voices who claimed that Huang Zheng has no control over what the community would do in the future, and that the community of RND is going to make the next SHIB.

As per the current situation, RND is still popular in the community and has attracted the participation of many crypto influencers. Due to TheRandomDao’s open source contract, RND can also derive different project branches under the condition of community autonomy. The development of TheRandomDao may even run counter to what Huang Zheng hopes.

However, it is not an easy task to recreate the success of SHIB. Ultimately, RND may not be the next SHIB, but another special existence in meme culture. RND, listed on March 11, 2022, is now available for trading on LBank Exchange. Any investor interested in RND investment can now easily buy and sell RND on LBank Exchange.

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