The Sandbox partners with World of Women to drive education and mentorship for women

The Sandbox (SAND) metaverse has announced its partnership with the nonfungible token (NFT) community World of Women, or WoW, to launch the WoW Foundation. A $25 million grant from The Sandbox will help fund the foundation over the next five years. The mission of the WoW Foundation is to strengthen female representation in the NFT and metaverse spaces.

As a collection of “diverse and powerful” women sold on the Ethereum blockchain, World of Women shared with Coin-Crypto that they strive to lower the barrier to entry for women in Web3.

“Our mission is to highlight and elevate as many female and underserved creators as possible, making the metaverse not just a landscape designed by men, but rather a landscape enriched with as much diversity of thought as possible.”

This mission has four main pillars: to upgrade the ecosystem by supporting artists and funding projects; education newcomers; giving greater visibility to women-oriented causes and giving back to charities. Through the grant from The Sandbox, it also plans to support creators’ journeys in Web3, from guiding and financing their first coin to their first sale.

World of Women and The Sandbox want to collaborate to create a series of interactive experiences within the metaverse through the WoW Foundation. Examples of these projects include the WoW Museum on a 2×2 Sandbox LAND, the WoW University, which will provide free online classes on how to get started with Web3, and The WoW Academy, which will serve as a mentoring and funding incubator.

Recently, The Sandbox acquired the most expensive WoW NFT at the time of purchase for 200 ETH, called Aurora, making her the new “goddess” of The Sandbox. Yam Karkai, co-founder and artist of World of Women, revealed that WoW will voxelize all 10,000 NFTs “so our entire community can join us” in the metaverse. These interoperable avatars will be accessible in “Alpha, Season 2 of The Sandbox”.

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Plus, WoW may be gearing up for movie, TV, and music opportunities, thanks to tech investor Guy Oseary who recently added World of Women to its NFT portfolio. WoW NFT holders have full ownership and intellectual property rights over their assets, similar to the Bored Ape Yacht Club model.

Both The Sandbox and World of Women currently rank within the top 20 collections of all time in terms of trading volume on OpenSea. At the time of publication, WoW had traded 55,300 ETH or $142.7 million, while The SandBox traded a volume of 156,200 ETH or $403.2 million.

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