The inaugural Aelf Node election crowned with a great success

Over the past 2021, we have been impressed by many memorable places, the cooking of meme coins, the rise of NFT and the popularization of Metaverse. Behind the boom of everything, one thing has been limited in scope: public blockchains have mostly evolved into their ecological growth phase. We have even seen DOT start the parallel auction, the technical innovation of SOL, the independence of LUNA and much more. Of the public chain projects, one historically moderately developing project attracted unprecedented public attention – aelf.

With the launch of its mainnet token swap in September, aelf has upgraded and rebranded to a new version from tech to marketing. Internally, upon completion of the Trail of Bits audit, aelf mainnet upgraded to v1.1.1 equipped with the more decentralized and more secure blockchain mechanism. Externally, the team launched the redesigned website, collaborated with exchanges for many marketing campaigns, held the Top of OASIS hackathon, and sued. Most importantly, aelf has completed its first phase node election with 17 renowned nodes invited to its mainnet. The chosen nodes then started to contribute to the ecology of the eleven with their own network.

The node election has started on November 18, 2021, and closed on time, with a long maturity of xxx. The 17 qualified nodes include the world’s leading trading platforms represented by HuobiPoolOKEx swimming pool† as well as a leading industrial wealth management and investment company in the field of blockchain/crypto FBG† the user communities consisted of blockchain enthusiasts and experienced developers-COinHuntlngCOammunitionaelfieChainExplorers† quality GameFI teammarbleGbeneFI† and Defi team-CoinMultlDex† also the dedicated Web3 companies – bounty blockWeb3_LLPRockX† and 5 aelf Genesis nodes installed on aelf mainnet since the launch of aelf mainnet in December 2020. These trusted nodes have gained a lot of knowledge of the blockchain industry and contribute to the visibility of aelf. In summary, these expert nodes with their extensive knowledge reserve of the blockchain industry will open up more possibilities and benefits.

aelf emphasizes the great ability to work with dedicated nodes and take advantage of the professional and dedicated support, the worthy nodes enable aelf to further secure the network reliably. On the one hand, this node election is a showcase of capable blockchain pioneers. On the other hand, aelf embraces the powerful node partners with generous rewards. Once chosen, production nodes on aelf mainnet could receive the income with the APY above 95.6%. The chosen node producers store a copy of blockchain and are responsible for keeping the system secure. The prosperous future of aelf is demonstrable from all perspectives and criteria.

Currently, the underlying framework is now mature for more quality projects and nodes. aelf also expects the involvement and involvement of more aelf users. Finally some exciting news, the inaugural Top of OASIS hackathon of the aelf is officially open, the generous prizes are waiting in the pool, the submission of the hackathon is scheduled for February 9, 2022. aelf is looking forward to see your project in the final assessment. BPs will join as judges. Later this year, they will also act as the deciders in the aelf sidechain auctions and much more.

aelf is the most advanced and secure blockchain cloud infrastructure with segregated, infinitely scalable cloud computing networks, leading the decentralized future. aelf has been going strong since its introduction to the crypto world in the second half of 2017.

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