Shiba NFT Coins is Live on Cardano as Shinu Token Presale Increases

Shibainfinity has continued to grow since its launch earlier this year. The NFT project has recently launched its own Shiba NFT series as one of the first community-driven NFT collections in the world, which has proved very successful among its users.

The Shiba NFTs collection was created with the protection of the environment of dogs in mind, with the belief that there are more sustainable ways for dogs to interact with nature.

SHIBA NFT’s use case

Board and voting

$shinu token holders will become part of the decision-making process on issues affecting the project’s ecosystem. As such, only holders of our token are given the opportunity to vote on the necessary decision-making processes that affect our ecosystem

HOLDING OPTIONS – We give them access to the world’s most interactive virtual concerts, festivals and private dog parties

NFT Agriculture

Users can wager NFTs on our platform and earn rewards in limited/rare NFTs that may also be tradable on other NFT platforms.

NFT REWARDS – Members with a higher number of Shiba Inu NFTs will receive monthly rewards.

Benefits for early participants

The event is for those who get in the earliest. Each card dealt out during the shiba Nft sale is the only one of its kind, making them rare and unique.

With the platform’s play-to-earn mechanism, users will start collecting rewards and SHINU tokens as early as possible.

NFT mining details

1 NFT = 100 ADA

Maximum Coin Per Trade – 10 NFTs, however there is no limit to the number of coin trades.

Minimum coin per transaction- 1 NFT

Join the Ongoing shiba NFT public currency via the link –

Shinu Token Presale is still ongoing for the participant who want to buy and hold $shinu token, buy shinu tokens here –

ShibaInfinity Community





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