Senator Ted Cruz Calls on Canadian Unrest to Advocate Again for Bitcoin

Republican Senator Ted Cruz again advocated Bitcoin (BTC) during his Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) speech on Friday, praising decentralization.

Cruz said he is very optimistic about Bitcoin because it is highly decentralized and cannot be controlled by any government or entity. He further cited the example of an ongoing problem in Canada, where the government imposed emergency laws in retaliation for the Freedom Convoy truck driver’s protest against COVID-19 mandates.

The Canadian government asked financial institutions and banks to freeze protesters’ accounts, followed by an order for crypto exchanges and crypto wallet service providers to do the same. A non-custodial wallet service provider Nunchuck received a similar order, and their response to the government went viral, eventually making its way to CPAC via Cruz.

Cruz read the response from the Bitcoin wallet service provider asking the Canadian government to look into self-custodial wallets and private keys. The response also informed them that they cannot access their user’s financial information outside of their email address, which is by design.

The Republican senator called Nunchuck’s response “spectacular” and then cited the example of China’s crypto ban for suggesting that Bitcoin cannot be controlled by governments.

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Senator Cruz has joined the growing list of US politicians aligning themselves with Bitcoin, who have advocated using natural gas waste for Bitcoin mining in Texas and recently bought the Bitcoin dip. However, his propagation that the left would be anti-Bitcoin, citing Justin Trudeau as an example, was not well received by crypto-Twitter. One user wrote: Bitcoin is apolitical and politicking as “Left vs Right” is a wrong move.

Another user noted that as a politician, Cruz uses Bitcoin knowledge to his advantage and suggested that the opponents become more pro-Bitcoin to counter him.

It is important to note that while there are policymakers who are making efforts at the judicial level to make changes to the Bitcoin adoption law, such as Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lumis and a few others, a majority of them seem focused on using it as a tool for their political campaigns.

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