Seedify announces new ecosystem features and utilities for its token

Seedify is a leading incubator and launch platform committed to advancing growth and innovation in the blockchain gaming/metaverse space, with a mission to bring the opportunities of GameFi and play to earn to global mainstream markets.

Since launching on March 26, 2022, as a community launch project, with no external funding through VCs, private sales or IDOs, in less than a year, Seedify has grown to become one of the largest launch pads in the industry, with over 40 successful token offerings , with nearly 4500 participants in the latest IGO (initial game offer).

Seedify, the industry’s first gaming-focused incubator and launch pad, has built an ecosystem focused on ensuring the success of the projects launched through its platform. With the support of a growing community and network of industry partners, the platform has hosted some of the most successful IGOs ​​of 2021, including Bloktopia, Cryowar and SIDUS Heroes.

The Seedify team continues to focus on expanding Seedify’s ability to drive innovation and support top gaming projects and teams, while creating new opportunities for its token holders. Through these efforts, Seedify will launch in April the Seedify NFT Launchpad, the highly anticipated initial NFT offering (INO) platform for gaming and metaverse assets, along with its revolutionary gaming and metaverse NFT marketplace, Seedify NFT Space.

NFT Assets in Gaming and the Metaverse

NFTs are already an essential part of the blockchain gaming ecosystem and are poised to revolutionize the global gaming industry. NFTs allow gamers to own their in-game items, proving ownership, rarity and authenticity, while offering the option to sell these items individually.

NFT metaverse assets act as building blocks, giving us the ability to build digital extensions to our lives, using unique, digital items, such as avatars, clothes, vehicles, homes, etc., in a medium where our imaginations are the only limitation is to the possibilities of what can be created.

Expanding the Seedify ecosystem

In addition to accessing IGOs ​​by staking or harvesting farming on Seedify’s dashboard, $SRD strikers can now participate in INOs on the Seedify NFT Launchpad, giving them early access to in-game and metaverse NFT resources .

Unlike tokens purchased through IGOs, NFTs are not subject to a vesting scheme. Owners can sell or trade these items if they so choose, allowing them to take advantage of the valuation of their assets when the opportunity arises.

The Seedify NFT Space marketplace provides NFT asset owners with a platform to buy and sell in-game and metaverse NFT assets. The platform’s comprehensive tools and intuitive user interface allow buyers to explore an item’s tools and features to fully understand and assess its value.

Seedify NFT Space will connect creators and supporters through a crowdfunding mechanism that allows users to pledge and pre-fund NFT asset collections, to access special benefits and limited edition items depending on each creator’s campaign. The artists funded through this Kickstarter-like feature can access Seedify’s ecosystem services, including consulting, network, and NFT launch pad, to launch their collections.

The marketplace will also include an RNG rewards feature where every trade executed on the platform will result in an opportunity to receive an NFT reward. These rewards will be random, although the Seedify NFT Space utility token, $SNFTS and the size of the transaction will affect the chances of receiving higher value NFT rewards.

$SUD: New Utilities and Opportunities for Holders

The addition of new features to the Seedify ecosystem will bring new use cases for the $SRD token.

The Seedify NFT Launchpad allows $SRD stakeholders and farmers to participate in INOs, giving them access to valuable new opportunities to purchase in-game and metaverse NFT resources, in addition to gaming tokens through IGOs. The platform should be available by April 2022 and will bring additional benefits to DIPD holders who can participate in the INOs (Initial NFT Offer).

On Seedify NFT Space, while $SNFTS gives users discounts (1% instead of 2%), along with higher chances of winning more valuable RNG NFT rewards, $SNFTS will also play a vital role on the platform. $SRD will be used to pre-fund NFT collections through the crowdfunding feature, as well as the NFT launchpad tier system when used by creators to launch collections.

In addition to the added $SRD utility, any transaction made on Seedify NFT Space where the buyer or seller does not have $SNFTS tokens for fees, the full or regular fee of 2% will apply. 25% of all regular fees collected are allocated to $SRD repurchases, reducing the supply available in the market.

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About Seedify

Seedify is a blockchain gaming focused incubator and launchpad ecosystem, empowering innovators and developers to access funding, community and partnership building, and a full support system to drive the future of gaming and blockchain.

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