Revolutionizing the game industry with WAM

While the gaming industry is one of the most lucrative, crypto-based games that allow users to play and earn are relatively newer. Gamers don’t need much in return for the time and skills they invest in these games. Moreover, because many people around the world have limited entertainment options, it is not feasible for them to download high-end games. Developers, on the other hand, face difficulties in monetizing amid fierce competition and market costs.

WAM is a play-to-earn platform that aims to solve these problems. The platform is simple and has no complicated mechanisms that could confuse players. publishes simple skill-based games or hyper-casual games that require no prior knowledge or a lot of time.

What is WAM?

WAM is a play-to-earn social gaming platform that allows users to participate in skill-based tournaments in highly engaging online games to win crypto rewards in $WAM and NFTs.

The platform aims to incorporate mass crypto adoption into its ecosystem and was launched in 2020 by Romanian company Digitap. In the first 3 months after its launch, WAM was used by 3.5 million players around the world.

WAM is inspired by real amateur sports tournaments where millions of fans in different sports compete to have fun and spend quality time with friends and family.

WAM ecosystem

Some of the key features of WAM2EARN are:

Develop to earn: This feature allows indie game developers to publish their games and get WAM users to monetize the published games by playing them in tournaments. Developers will also be able to sell a tokenized version of their games as NFTs to the fan base, generating initial revenue for the developer while allowing the community to support their favorite game creators.
Play to earn: By participating in tournaments of games, users can easily earn money on the WAM platform. Each tournament has an entry fee and lasts between 12 and 120 hours, giving everyone an equal chance to make it onto the leaderboard. Each player has unlimited chances to achieve a high score, and in-game revivals allow them to continue from the last score, up to 3 times in a row.
Earn your own: WAM allows users to own games, avatars, nicknames and much more.
Promote to Earn: WAM wants to take the lead in the unauthorized promotion of products and services. Marketers on the platform can promote individual tournaments or the entire WAM platform by directing traffic and converting sent users into active members of the WAM community. Every conversion and revenue is settled using smart contracts, allowing anyone to earn money by promoting WAM.

Token distribution

The $WAM token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 with an initial circulating supply of 20,772,645 (excluding liquidity pool and market making). It will be unlocked gradually in a predetermined way over a period of 120 months.

A 40% share of the token will go to community rewards, while another 14.6% is reserved for the team. A 9.8% share is for retail sales, another 9.2% for liquidity and 7% for marketing. A share of 5% is reserved for development, company reserve and advisors respectively. A 2.4% share for launchpad sales and the remaining 2% for seed sales.

WAMoon- Next Phase in WAM Ecosystem

WAMoon is the next stage in the WAM ecosystem and aims to turn it into a $90 billion industry. It is a 60-day growth campaign designed to accelerate the adoption and development of the WAM ecosystem. The series of events boosts WAM’s ecosystem and confidence.

The first event in the series was a strike program. This is followed by the second event, an ESDT token bridge that will allow the token holders to bring their tokens to the Elrond network. It will also enable participation in DeFi capabilities and later direct integration into the WAM ecosystem.

Last word

WAM is the first hyper-casual gaming platform you can play to earn. Just 2 months after the public beta launched, the platform has been downloaded more than 180,000 times. It was also a finalist in the 2021 Mobile Games Awards. The platform also announced a $2.7 million funding round and a 6-fold oversubscription in late 2021.

After the platform was listed on Pancakeswap and, the transaction volume soared to $10 million in about 24 hours. They have also successfully launched their eviction and LP eviction programs.

WAM aims to add more than 100 million users to their ecosystem and become synonymous with mobile gaming. They are working to provide additional benefits to their community members, both nationally and internationally.

For more information about WAM, visit their official website

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