Rabu Gary, a top member of UIGI, shares his ‘one-third’ investing method

Amid the endless ways of investing in the financial market, crypto has emerged as a new trendsetter. While some investors still don’t consider the crypto space a go-to option, this decentralized network has made several millionaires over the past few years. Only a relatively small proportion of investors dared venture into this space, but the benefits were remarkable. Thousands have learned about various opportunities to grow their money with digital currencies. Meanwhile, the majority are still in the dark about the unlimited potential cryptocurrency. United Investors Group International (UIGI) closes that gap and helps investors make informed decisions about crypto.

UIGIA is a social organization of thousands of ordinary people who support each other in one common goal: to make money through crypto investments. The goal of UIGI is to free everyone financially through prudent investment. Reliability and authentic information have been the pillars behind the growing success of this platform. Rabu Gary is the top administrator and group leader at UIGI, helping thousands of ordinary individuals achieve their financial goals.

With over 51K members, the central way UIGI manages group interactions is through their Facebook group† This online community will become a reliable source of information for any new investor in crypto. UIGI members can share information about crypto opportunities to earn stable passive income. It is a beneficial platform for any investor looking for crypto knowledge to make informed decisions.

Rabu Gary, the group’s top member, ensures that UIGI builds trust with investors so that they are confident in their move. He and a team of 15 other members form the UIGI board. This group verifies every investment platform by checking their credentials and even conducts in-depth meetings before recommending it to the members.

To continue the legacy of trust and trustworthiness, the board also monitors the information shared by members on the UIGI Facebook Group. If a member is found sharing promotional or fake information about this group, the board will immediately remove it to maintain the authenticity of UIGIA

Authenticity is one of the main pillars of UIGI. Rabu emphasizes that his ultimate goal is to financially free everyone he comes into contact with. That said, his definition of financial freedom goes beyond just earning passive income. He wants people to focus on a debt-free life, start saving and then invest the money left over. This ensures that investors do not risk losing the money they cannot afford. To simplify the process, Rabu Gary created the tried and true 1/3 rule. The 1/3 rule states that a person should split the profits he gets from investments into three equal parts. This will allow for investments in three different directions:

Direction 1: Take 1/3 of the amount to pay off debt.

Direction 2: Use 1/3 to reinvest in passive income streams.

Direction 3: Divide this last 1/3 into two equal parts. Use the first part to pay taxes and have fun with the second part.

The 1/3 rule covers all aspects of spending and creates a way to grow wealth to achieve financial freedom. It is with such proven strategies that UIGI ensures 15% to the maximum of 70% returns on crypto investments. In particular, this is a higher margin compared to other investment channels, including banks.

UIGIA has a place for everyone, regardless of the investment amount. People from all walks of life can join the platform and join this growing, mutually supportive club to start making more profitable investments with crypto.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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