Quantum Music uses ARPA’s RNG technology to leverage Web 3.0

ARPAa security-focused and privacy-protective computing network, in collaboration with Quantum music, an online marketplace focused on the $30 billion Asian influencer economy. The partnership will allow Quantum Music to leverage Web 3.0 and metaverse trends while bringing mass adoption to the ARPA platform.

Quantum Music offers an online marketplace that connects influencers with brands. It has grown at an impressive rate thanks to the rapid expansion of an influencer culture on social media networks like TikTok. More than 300 influencers have joined the Quantum ecosystem, which now has more than 70 million followers – eight times more than in early 2021. Quantum Music is the platform of choice for Asian influencers looking to increase their visibility and boost their fan base provide a basis for earning extra income. On the other hand, brands can improve their precision marketing efforts by hiring influencers for different campaigns.

The partnership with ARPA comes at a time when Quantum Music plans to move beyond its traditional Asian market and adopt innovative technologies such as blockchain, metaverse and non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs).

Quantum Music Co-Founder and CEO Quan Zhang commented about the partnership:

“I have a Ph.D. in physics, and innovation is in our company’s DNA. We want to explore experiments in the Metaverse and NFT space with a strong partner like ARPA.”

Quantum Music is mainly aimed at micro-influencers, and many of them find it difficult to use innovative technologies to their advantage because the resources are unevenly distributed among the creators. Zhang explained:

“Web3.0 is likely to drastically change the game for micro-influencers. We want to better help these micro-influencers build and leverage their real fans with the power of advanced technologies, such as blockchain.”

How will ARPA help Quantum Music?

ARPA provides secure computing capabilities as an off-chain solution that is compatible with most Layer-1 blockchains. For customers who want to implement Web 3.0 solutions, it offers its verifiable random number generator (RNG), known as: Randcast† It represents a verifiable, decentralized, low cost, highly efficient random number generator designed to empower the creators of the metaverse.

Randomness is an essential element in providing users with a more reliable experience. For example, it helps developers and users of blockchain and Web 3.0 generate digital signatures, public and private keys, and block hashes. Elsewhere, online games rely on randomness to ensure that players have a fair chance of winning. The need for sheer randomness becomes even more apparent in the metaverse.

ARPA co-founder Yemu Xu explained:

“We believe it will be a win-win. Quantum Music will set its foot in the Web3.0 wonderland using the best-in-class RNG tool to ensure the fairness of their future tokenized assets. At the same time, Randcast will bolster Quantum Music’s worldwide fan base that will provide ample feedback for future iteration from a large sample capacity.

Quantum Music raises money for Republic

The partnership with ARPA comes after Quantum Music landed a $1 million investment in a seed round. Now it is conducting a public fundraising campaign on Republic, a blockchain-focused investment platform that helps startups raise funds from communities and institutional investors. In addition to regular investors contributing through Republic, the platform has secured funds from big names such as Chris Bordeaux, who is a director of LFG Ventures – a venture capital firm with exposure in the likes of SpaceX, Bitcoin, Kraken and BlockFi.

For Quantum Music, this is also an opportunity to promote its online marketplace to the Republic community, which is made up of more than 1.5 million investors. In early March, Quantum Music raised more than $68,000, exceeding the minimum target by 270%, indicating positive feedback from the community.

The Republic community is confident in the future of Quantum Music, especially given the current pace of growth. The platform had a record year in 2021, with total followers of its affiliated influencers exceeding 70 million at the end of December, while total revenue grew 100% year over year.

Also, the founders of Quantum Music have extensive experience in consulting, venture capital and content creation.

Zhang said in an interview with Republic:

“The opportunities of the influencer economy worldwide are enormous and the pandemic has accelerated growth. With the continued evolution of Web 3.0, I expect the influencer economy to continue to grow rapidly. That’s why our current priority at Quantum Music is to capture a bigger slice of the new pie every year, rather than getting bogged down in competition.”

Going forward, Quantum Music is poised to deploy fan tokens and NFTs, which is likely to accelerate adoption.

Image: Pixabay

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