Provide predictable passive income, twice a day

The cryptocurrency industry can offer bountiful rewards for those who take an active approach to portfolio management. However, that also applies to passive cash flow, with the help of the right provider. Unlocking predictable passive income twice a day can be accessed through CakeDeFi, giving users solid returns.

Passive Income With Crypto Is Not Difficult

As the decentralized financial ecosystem continues to grow, people have wondered how to put their crypto assets to work. Many seem to be making good money in this ecosystem and have their income covering basic expenses including food, drink, groceries, etc. But even more people are wondering how all this is possible and what to do to get such a passive income stream. .

The cryptocurrency industry has a reputation for requiring hands-on wealth management. For the most part, that’s true when it comes to trading and rebalancing one’s portfolio. However, a lot has changed since DeFi gained popularity as most popular assets today can help users earn a solid passive income. No need to invest in dozens of currencies to get high rewards.

Even for those who have never owned cryptocurrency, unlocking predictable passive income is within reach. On CakeDeFi, users are guided through the steps of acquiring the supported currencies/currencies and putting them to work through the various services to generate passive income. It is an accessible and educational approach capable of bringing in a large mainstream audience.

The big question in the minds of many people is figuring out how often they will be paid. A savings account offers interest once a year and even then it often disappoints. In DeFi and via CakeDeFi, users can access rewards twice a day. Balances are updated every 12 hours and rewards are accruing in real time with no delays.

An uncomplicated journey with CakeDeFi

The CakeDeFi offers the most accessible and profitable DeFi features on its platform. Users can choose to stake their crypto, use it for lending or provide liquidity to the various pools. Each option has a different return and profitability level.

Spending and lending are the least risky options with low volatility for those who are relatively risk averse. Borrowing has a return of up to 7% per annum, while lending can yield up to 34.3% per annum. For lending you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and USDC. Staking is currently only supported for DFI – DeFiChain’s native asset – and Dash. Users can acquire all these assets through the CakeDeFi platform and freely convert between them.

Liquidity mining is a powerful option for those with a greater appetite for risk. However, it requires supplying two currencies into the pool to earn rewards. The interest rate can go up to 97.85% per annum and is backed by more than two dozen currencies. Once liquidity is locked in, users can maintain a passive approach and see their earnings add up every 12 hours.

Making all of these features accessible is essential to ensure future DeFi growth. CakeDeFi makes lending, staking and liquidity easy for novice and advanced users to explore and take advantage of. In addition, no technical expertise is required to make the most of these options. The platform provides enough guidance to get users on the road to unlocking predictable passive income twice a day.

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