Polkadot, Vechain founders pledge over $10M in crypto to Ukraine

Support is pouring in for Ukraine as the country uses crypto donations to fund its military. It has received support from top players in the crypto space such as stock exchange giant Binance and others who have donated nearly $20 million to the country. Now it is attracting the attention of top founders in the space who have pledged significant sums to Ukraine.

Crypto Founders Promise Big

Gavin Wood, the founder of leading cryptocurrency Polkadot, has come out to show support for Ukraine. The country had posted multiple crypto wallet addresses last week when it requested money for the nation invaded by world power Russia. Being a smaller country, there isn’t much money to fight Russia, but the world has gathered around Ukraine.

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Wood took to the comment section to show his support for the cause. The founder told Ukraine that he would personally donate $5 million if a DOT address was posted.

Wood is not the only crypto founder to make an important promise to the country. Sunny Lu, founder and CEO of Vechain, also made a promise. Also going to the comment section, Lu took off an even higher promise. He announced that he would donate $8 million to the charity when a VET wallet address is added to the list of official wallet addresses.

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Both founders have promised to give, but it is based on the country acquiring crypto wallets for both projects. Currently, the country of Ukraine has three official addresses where money can be donated in crypto. These two addresses are intended to receive donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT (ERC-20 and TRON).

Donations to Ukraine on the rise

So far, nearly $20 million has been donated to Ukraine. The donations come from both individual supporters and Binance pouring in from around the world. The campaign is only two days old and almost in double digits.

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If Ukraine releases the DOT and VET wallet addresses, Lu and Wood’s donations would very quickly raise the amount donated above $30 million. More than 270 bitcoins have been donated to Ukraine since the campaign launched, making up the bulk of the donations to date.

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Recent news reports have said that: Ukraine has agreed to sit down for peace talks in Russia† However, the country has refrained from talks in Belarus.

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