Penguin Karts is propelling the blockchain gaming scene

A lot has happened since the idea of Penguin Karts was first conceived. Who would have thought that a nostalgic memory would lead to the development of a blockchain project, let alone one that has picked up steam like this?

Today, this article will highlight what is thought to make Penguin Karts special and (if you excuse the pun) how it really propels the blockchain gaming scene forward.

The game

For those who don’t know, Penguin Karts is an immersive 3D combat racing game built on the blockchain. Essentially, it takes the arcade-style kart racing you know and love and seamlessly introduces NFT dynamics alongside a Play-to-Earn system.

This means that for you, as a player, you race against up to eight opponents across a selection of tracks while earning prizes and NFTs, which can be used in-game (skins for your character and kart, for example) or sold for profit.

There are also leaderboards to deal with, tournaments to participate in and even a betting system to try out where you can predict the outcome of races. Start small or go all in – the betting system offers a high risk, high reward scenario if that’s what you’re looking for.

That’s great and all, but one element that needs to be emphasized is how it makes the crypto market more accessible to newbies. Blockchain games are generally a great way to dip your toes into the crypto scene, but the fun, addictive and universally accessible gameplay of kart racing takes it to another level.

This is where another important aspect comes into play: developers balance the game to make it suitable for everyone. They follow the mantra of ‘easy to play, hard to master’. In principle anyone should be able to play without any problems thanks to intuitive controls and the like, but experienced players will be encouraged to master the art of kart racing. That’s why the biggest prizes are awarded in tournaments for the top three places.

As you can see, there is a lot to do in Penguin Karts. Now let’s turn your attention to the blockchain elements.

Player Friendly Tokenomics

$PGK has an initial inventory of $2,941,200 PGK (1.47%) and is limited to $200 million PGK. This means that the initial market cap with a token price of 0.04 is $117,648. The full 200 million tokens will be pre-minted and locked with different acquisition schedules, slowly allowing more of the pre-minted supply to circulate. No additional tokens are created. This means that $PGK is not subject to inflation. View Whitepaper for full details.

In addition to engaging gameplay, the platform adopts a player-friendly tokenomics approach. For example, a healthy 48.53% of the total token supply is reserved for the Play-to-Earn and Strike Rewards. This will allow the players to earn play-to-earn rewards once the first version of the game is live.

Most importantly, the team built tokenomics from the ground up to nurture a sustainable economy. The allocated token supply to the PGK ecosystem will be enough to support the project for 2 years alone.

The marketplace provides a space for players to buy and sell their NFT assets. The medium of exchange, of course, is the project’s original token: the Penguin Karts token ($PGK), which automatically increases the demand for the token as it adds a use case.

Team and donors

It is incredibly important, especially in crypto, that successful breakthrough crypto projects are backed by a strong team. Penguin Karts is made up of experienced professionals with a passion for gaming. Director Tommy DahlbergCOO Rhiannon “Ri Ri” FletcherBusiness Development Manager mert and CMO Baz Furby each bring their own strengths to the project and build a great community around it.

Not to mention the significant contribution of the development team and the many partners who contribute to the game in one way or another.

To top it off, Penguin Karts is in high demand as it builds out its ecosystem of partners ranging from VCs including Black Edge Capital, Fairum Ventures & Cryptology; Key opinion leaders like Krypto Playboy, CryptoFomo & CryptoDaku and Launch Pads for $PGK token launch event on FantomStarter, TrustPad and KingPad.

Join the PenguiKarts community to earn a spot in the $PGK public rounds of the tokensale.

Look forward to something

That said, the game is currently in development, with the first playable demo scheduled for Spring 2022. But don’t worry – there’s still a lot going on and plenty to keep you going, even now.

The team recently completed two rounds of 2D NFT coins. These were Genesis’ collection of 10K Penguin profile photos, each with unique features that ensure no two are alike. Not only can they be used on your profile and on all your social media channels, but they can also be used for earning potential and offer holders beta access to the game prior to launch.

Several more NFTs are planned in the near future. These are the 3D NFTs. These come in the form of kart skins, characters and items so you can customize your racing experience. Let your penguin express himself in the Penguin Karts Metaverse.

Get closed beta access to the public and get rewards!

All beta testers who have their web3 wallet plugged in are eligible to collect $PGK rewards from the get-go with rewards built into the game as racers complete more and more races.

Rewards in $PGK are especially valuable to early beta users, as they can then be wagered on the Penguin Karts site and traded on various DEXs.

Since the PGK community is so important to the success of the project, the team will provide early closed beta access to anyone who has one of the PGK NFTs or is a member of the disagreement community prior to launch. Participate Telegram or disagreement for updates on early beta access.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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