Izanagi and Luna PR pave the way for the GameFi industry

Izanagic, is an anime-inspired ERC-20 token with the goal of delivering a long-term vision that provides a desirable use case and funding opportunities. Izanagi involves tapping into anime and manga markets that provide a unique NFT marketplace for creators and users while also setting up a gaming platform to earn.

Izanagi has six tools that allow users to invest in all phases of the project. These six use cases include a Play To Earn game and an NFT marketplace called Otaku which is built on the Layer 2 blockchain and is compatible with BEP20 and ERC20. In addition, the Izanagi token will have the added benefit of being rewarded when playing the game or buying or selling the NFTs on the platform.

The founder and CEO of Luna PR, Nikita Sachdevi, introduced the Izanagi project to its wide audience within the gaming community in the crypto space. Using the experience gained from working with over 600 projects in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Luna PR is partnering with Izanagi to pave the way for the project to become leaders in the crypto space.

Luna PRa pioneer in the PR and marketing services industry, will leverage their significant experience in GameFi and NFTs to help Izanagi achieve their exponential development goals, and will also serve as a full strategic partner to Izanagi rather than just a service provider.

About Luna PR

Luna PR is an award-winning consultancy, marketing and public relations agency founded by Nikita Sachdev in 2017. The company is a full-stack digital marketing and public relations agency based in Dubai, with clients spanning five continents. Luna PR helps promote emerging and established blockchain and crypto projects to reach their full potential with the help of its expert team members.

About Izanagi

An ERC-20 token inspired by anime that aims to deliver a long-term vision with a desirable use case and funding options. The idea involves using the anime and manga marketplaces, which create a unique NFT marketplace for authors and consumers, as well as building a gaming platform to earn.


Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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