‘It’s time to embrace the crypto economy’

Roger Bartlett, a Goldman Sachs veteran who has held various positions with the company since 2005, announced that he would be moving to Coinbase.

In a Friday announcement on LinkedIn, Bartlett said he would lead global financial operations at Coinbase after 16 years with the investment banking giant. The now former global co-head of operations for global markets at Goldman Sachs said he would work with Coinbase chief financial officer Alesia Haas, president and chief operating officer Emilie Choi, vice president of institutional products Greg Tusar, and head of institutional sales. Brett Tejpaul to help users “embrace the opportunities presented by digital assets and their ecosystem.”

“It’s time to embrace the crypto economy,” Bartlett said. “It’s time to […] follow my passion to enable the next generation crypto economy. The inspiring, purposeful mission to create economic freedom in the world, centered on the customer, with automation first, is a unique opportunity to be part of the next phase of digital evolution.”

Bartlett was the latest in a line of Wall Street executives to move into the crypto space. Gaurav Budhrani, a 10-year veteran at Goldman Sachs, joined crypto mining company PrimeBlock in November 2021 as CEO, along with former CEO Alan Konevsky as Chief Legal Officer. Later that month, former Citi executive Matt Zhang also launched Hivemind, a venture fund focused on crypto and blockchain startups.

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The announcement came shortly after Coinbase released its fourth quarter 2021 financial report, in which the company said it plans to hire 6,000 employees by 2022 with an emphasis on customer support and reliability. According to a letter to shareholders released Thursday, the crypto exchange has had 3,730 full-time employees on December 31, about three times as many in 2020.

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