HUPAYX launches its new testnet TAYCAN

The Korean blockchain payment platform HUPAYX will launch its new testnet Taycan on March 14, 2022. Taycan testnet will be a critical part of the foundation for NFT and DeFi services that are gaining popularity. The company aims to launch its mainnet and start services in 2022.

HUPAYX is an open payment project for a wide range of individuals and organizations. HUPAYX aims to enable its users to freely use cryptocurrencies for payments while integrating existing fiat currency based payment services meaning its users can pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency, credit cards, checking accounts or either in combination both on and offline.

Taycan testnet is a trial version of the official platform where developers or service providers can experience what is to come. HUPAYX explains that the TAYCAN testnet fully supports EVM, addressing the scalability limitation of Ethereum Tier 1 through POA consensus algorithms. In addition, the processing speed and settlement stability are also significantly improved than its soon-to-be-outgoing predecessor. Thanks to Taycan’s scalability and smart app features, HUPAYX expects its ecosystem to thrive, enabling the birth of a wide variety of services, including NFT and DeFi, which are expected to launch in the second quarter, the year 2022.

HUPAYX is also distributing Taycan Egg NFT in limited quantities to celebrate the launch of the Taycan Testnet, and its proponents are tuning in to find out how HUPAYX’s first NFT release will play its future role for the company’s enterprise.

Meanwhile, according to a report from Bank of America, the DeFi sector has witnessed tremendous growth in market capitalization, from $700 million in 2019 to $260 billion by the end of 2021. Experts at Statista Jeffrey Investment Bank believe the global NFT market is also expected to grow rapidly, from $14 billion in 2021 to $80 billion in 2025. Technology companies around the world are naturally drawn to the related service sectors, and HUPAYX is no exception, highlighting the high growth potential of the market.

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