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The birth of flickto arrived in November 2021. At the start, a project was introduced that would help address the inequalities that exist in the mainstream media. Flickto is a unique platform that aims to bring equality and diversity to the forefront of society, introducing what they have come up with as Decentralized Media (DeMe).

On the other hand, MuesliSwap is the leading DEX on the Cardano network. This allows them to take charge of a decentralized future. The MuesliSwap DEX allows their community to exchange tokens in a decentralized manner and without the involvement of a third party. They use their native $MILK token as a governance token, which allows their users to participate in their stake pools and participate in community proposals.

Partnership Announcement

flickto en MuesliSwap made their partnership official last week. Such partnerships are essential to push the overall adoption of blockchain in the right direction. MuesliSwap was the first DEX to be launched on the Cardano network and flickto the first incubator for decentralized media, this has the potential to become a powerful partnership not only on the Cardano network but across the entire cryptocurrency industry.

muesliswap is launching a pool on their exchange that will allow users to wager their native token $MILK and receive rewards in the form of $FLICK tokens. With decentralization, the underlying goal of Cardano, a partnership like this helps to strengthen the opportunity for this. While Flickto and MuesliSwap span two different industries, both are committed to bringing decentralization to their respective fields.

The formation of this partnership will serve both parties well in their future endeavors. With Flickto in charge of decentralized media and MuesliSwap doing the same with governance, this partnership is one that may go down in the history books. As both of their communities continue to prosper and grow, great things are expected of them, and it is clear to all that they have no intention of stopping moving forward any time soon.

With Flicktos ISPO remastered now live those who bet with [FLICK] now have the opportunity to be very tastefully rewarded. Their ISPO saw them increase their token distribution rewards from $0.15 FLICK to $0.33 FLICK. This means that for every ADA who deploys a delegator, these are the rewards they will receive. In addition, Flickto has released NFTs with real-world tools that give those who have them access to production and studio discounts, as well as creative and business consultancy.

These two projects are projects that investors should keep a close eye on in the future. The road to decentralization is long, but both projects are determined to make it a reality.

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