Flickto partners with Clear Contracts to advance the Cardano goal

Decentralization has never been a more familiar term, and with Cardano leading the way to a more autonomous, transparent and inclusive world, it follows that major events are taking place within this ecosystem.

flickto has come forward to really emphasize the importance of this concept, especially in light of most models of the media industry. As we move into a more digital world, smart contracts and web 3.0 have emerged as important tools to enable the democratization of processes that were previously time-consuming and costly.

With an underlying common goal of removing barriers to access and interaction with the Cardano ecosystem, a partnership between the two revolutionary teams of Clear contracts and flickto is only natural. DAO management is another tool that can be used for multiple protocols such as executing transactions, facilitating voting, and managing proposals.

flickto will fund Cardano’s ecosystem to facilitate community storytelling. More films and various media projects will be unveiled in collaboration with Flickto’s partners. The team will begin providing technical and blockchain-related advisory services to charities, NGOs and a host of other mission-driven organizations to expand the influence of Cardano’s nascent technology.

In addition, with the expansion around the NFT community, they are providing exclusive access to special content, votes and more to NFT holders. flicktos NFT projects strive to lower barriers to entry by having NFTs for production tools, for example a discount on renting camera equipment or using the production facilities we have to offer. Over time, this is an essential part that Flickto will definitely use for the mutual benefits of raising awareness for both parties.

The third area of ​​collaboration can be in the Escrow services, which are used to easily enter into secure agreements by filling out a simple online form. The financing model for Hollywood has proved inefficient due to the sheer number of fees that rob the profits made, especially for smaller creatives.

As mentioned before, smart contracts are the pillars of: web 3.0, for its unique ability to provide the backbone needed to create decentralized applications and communities on the Cardano Blockchain. Community is an essential aspect that is paramount at Cardano as they propel the creation of a DAO. Not only this, but the vibrant and diverse projects being built foster this ability to bring forth their own communities. Flickto’s introduction to this space has capitalized on the importance of this facet, both to the project and stakeholders, but most importantly to extend their reach to the many who want to see positive change in the world we live in.

The successful collaboration between flickto X Clear contracts will transition into a wider community that is better informed about how smart contracts can be used, while directly seeing the sheer magnificence that can come from Flickto’s diversification of the media industry. The future is bright and can only get brighter if partnerships like this are formed!

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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