Flickto: Moving on to Decentralized Media (DeMe) on Web 3.0

Merging the principles of decentralization and the open web paves the way for democratic concepts such as digital inclusion and free speech. As crypto enthusiasts, we all want projects to adhere to what decentralization is all about, giving each individual the opportunity to be a part of the project’s growth, rather than relying on select gatekeepers or governments.

These decentralization strategies have been tried in many industries such as Finance to Birth DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges). But now imagine bringing the decentralization concept to the media and creative department.

By decentralized media, we don’t just mean social media, but other platforms used by creators to give us content that keeps us attached to their pieces, be it film, art, or even articles. This is the kind of media that a project can leverage to push their marketing strategies and reach a large user base.

What is Decentralized Media (DeMe)?

The uniqueness of decentralization on the blockchain stems from what decentralized platforms can give users, not what they want to take from them. The main focus is on taking the ‘power to the people’ strategy.

With this approach, creatives like YouTubers, filmmakers, writers, artists among others can have a platform that gives them the coveted attention in the crypto world, which brings in more money, from which they can get the resources to grow.

Decentralized media ensures transparency between those creatives behind the scenes of the platform and the users. This ensures that information is shared openly so creatives can increase their knowledge base on certain topics, and the system rewards content creation and attention. This liberates the media sector from the hierarchy we have seen in the past, when individuals or platforms monopolize the monetization process and take advantage of the ingenuity of the creatives.

Decentralized media brings with it a situation where social symbiosis is demanded and everyone wins. flickto is an emerging Cardano-powered community media incubator bringing decentralized media to the global stage.

Flickto and Decentralized Media (DeMe)

Flickto aims to bring the community approach to crypto to the media sector. They do this by using their community as the primary determinant of the approaches media projects should take.

Since Flickto is an incubator, they bring the principles of decentralization into the way projects are funded. The flickto community is actively involved in choosing the media projects to be funded, as they are the main beneficiaries of the success that could come from these media ventures. The process goes like this: Flickto involves the community to vote on and fund new media projects. Then by taking advantage of Cardano staking and tokenization with the FLICK token will empower the incubator makers worldwide by funding the specific projects that the Flick community chooses for investment. The $FLICK token holders who participate in this decision-making process also receive financial rewards if the projects succeed.

The project categorically explains what DeMe is about through this statement:

Decentralized Media (DeMe) – Media companies should be open source organizations owned by stakeholders such as consumers, creators and their intermediaries. DeMe wants to create open source platforms that give people control over their data, the media projects that are funded and ultimately consumed.

More on Flickto

In their pursuit of ‘bringing decentralization to Hollywood’, Flickto launched their Initial Stake Pool offering (ISPO) Remastered dare to encourage media lovers and followers of good content to bet. It may seem like a simple act on the outside, but essentially the funds that are in the… ISPO remastered will help resolve the issue of unfairness, bias and financial inequality in the current media landscape.

By betting on flicktoyou can generate a passive income stream from TV shows, movies, NFTs, digital media and even written media pieces.

Flickto is gaining traction as they have innovated the way decentralized media and creative individuals are viewed. Through their community media incubator, the platform seamlessly builds and finances decentralized media by connecting the creative community, creating financial freedom and shaping the future of the media industry.

Follow the progress of Flickto’s decentralized media here: Telegram Website disagreement Twitter YouTube facebook

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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