Flickto: Cardano’s First DeMe Platform Provides Passive Income Through Media Project Distribution

In recent weeks, Cardano has gained a lot of traction and the once proclaimed ‘Ghost Chain’ is starting to grab attention. Since the launch of DEXs and the constant growth of projects, they have attracted the attention of the crypto world. Cardano has allowed for projects building on top of its network to launch a so-called ISPO.

This model (originally from Cardano) allows projects to manage pools of rings, giving them the opportunity to essentially get public money. Participants or delegators as they are commonly called have the option to delegate their $ADA to pools of their choice. If a pool attracts a significant number of deputies and wagers, they gain the ability to hit blocks, resulting in passive income for the deputies.

flickto has used Cardano’s innovative protocol and created their ISPO Remastered, with a vision to disrupt the media industry. As the pioneers of what they have invented DeMe (decentralized media) interest in their project continues to grow. flickto is in the middle of ISPO remastered with their pool bringing in over forty million in ADA.

Distribution Royalties

Research into the project has shown that the Flicktos deployment pool is one of the most rewarding in the ecosystem. Delegators receive $0.33 FLICK per EPOCH for every ADA they wager with the [FLICK] swimming pool. This provides delegates with more than just a token, it allows them to be exposed to some of the distribution royalties that come from successful projects.

The media industry is a two trillion dollar industry where revenues and profits are preserved for specific individuals. Projects encoded by the Flickto voting rounds that subsequently successfully obtain distribution royalties will receive the flickto community and project maker with rewards in the form of $ADA.

Creatives who exchange their intellectual property with media conglomerates receive only 1% of the distribution royalties. flickto aims to revive the flow of unique and diverse human stories by perpetuating untold cultural narratives that exist around the world.

Pioneering a mission to reduce the control of centralized authorities, where only six entities distribute content, is no easy feat. However, David was able to beat the odds and beat Goliath. if flickto remains on this trajectory their hard work will surely make their vision come to fruition.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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