Flickto: Cardano DeFi Media Incubator Launches Web 3.0 Platform To Decentralize Media

Last week, Flickto co-founder Rob Knight teased the unveiling of a platform that will change Hollywood and the media. In 2014 the founder of Cardano, and Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, spoke about his vision for a decentralized future. A few years later, DeFi was born. We’ve all heard of De-Fi, the emerging technology that aims to revolutionize traditional finance, making it decentralized, safer, more accessible and cheaper to use.

Flickto shares Cardano’s long-term vision to “enable economic empowerment for those who need it most”. However, the team recognizes that without a media landscape that builds positive, meaningful and unbiased stories; it is difficult to achieve equality, equity or inclusion in the wider society.

This is where decentralized media (DeMe) was born.

Head of Business Development at Flickto, Sobanan Narenthiran, recently said: “Media companies should be open source organizations owned by stakeholders such as consumers, creators and their intermediaries. DeMe wants to create open source platforms that give people control over their data, the media projects that are financed and ultimately consumed.”

Flickto is in the middle of their ISPO remastered† The opportunity for people who bet with [FLICK] to receive $0.33 FLICK per ADA, exclusive NFTs for new and long-term delegates in addition to exclusive access to media projects.

There’s a reason the community regularly uses the tagline “$FLICK is Freedom” because it gives them access to a voting platform that allows them to vote for media projects, earn monthly payments on successful projects, or alternative revenue streams, while the Flickto ecosystem. It is a democratized and decentralized approach to media that allows individuals to have peace of mind about the content they consume.

Flickto is the bridge between Web 3.0 and Hollywood. Decentralization of media, an industry that influences culture, how we think and perceive the world, is vital to the overall stability and progress in society. The platform aims to support 3 segments of the media industry that should be bought together to create a meaningful and cohesive community:

The creators and storytellers – Flickto helps enrich the economy by providing opportunities for creators by reducing barriers to entry to creating media and distributing their projects.
The fans, enthusiasts and hobbyists – Flickto gives these individuals the ability to vote for the content and media they want to see. While delivering real returns in the form of monthly payments, NFTs and other rewards for engaging and supporting the development of this ecosystem.
The visionaries, activists and changemakers – Flickto recognizes that their mission to decentralize the media industry will disrupt a long-standing section of society. This fascinates us because disruption leads to progress, it leads to real and lasting change. The media industry is about people. It’s about people connecting with and sharing their stories through their chosen medium.

We’ve heard the cry from individuals around the world and we understand the importance of building a media industry that creates content for the masses and empowers people to tell their own authentic stories without influence.

If you want to get involved in Flickto’s mission and help decentralize media (DeMe), deploy your ADA today –

stake with [FLICK] comes with additional rewards for delegates;

Long Term New Delegates – These Delegates get a $FLICK Bonus

15% when held for 25 EPOCHS
10% when held for 20 EPOCHS

New Delegator Rewards:

You must have a minimum of 100 Ada . to stake
NFT for participants for a minimum of 5 EPOCHS

Commitment to Change, Commitment with Flick

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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