Flickto Announces Their First Blockbuster “The Cowboy”

With their inception late last year, Flickto began to make strides in disrupting the media industry as we know it. Flickto’s mission is to fund and distribute underrepresented content creators so they can showcase their innate talents.

With decentralization, especially DeFi, drawing all the attention, Flickto has opened up a new avenue regarding decentralization. Flickto paves the way for the introduction of decentralized media (DeMe). This includes similar processes to DeFi, such as transparency through the art of smart contracts.

Entering the new year, Flickto has not slowed down. In January, they announced two new partnerships within the media and production sector. Those partnerships were Bazooka Bunny and Crooked Letter, both with phenomenal expertise and abilities in producing outstanding films and documentaries.

It was imperative that Flickto keep their foot on the gas and that is exactly what they have done. They are proud to announce that through their partnership with Bazooka Bunny, they will fund and distribute their first feature film, further highlighting the viability of their project and the benefits of decentralized media. This first feature film is about the life of Billy the Kid.

For those of you who are not familiar with Billy the Kid’s story, let us enlighten you on his story. Billy the Kid was a prolific bandit who wreaked havoc in several states in America, where he went on to kill 8 men. As the story goes, he himself was shot in the back by a man named Pat Garrett in the year 1881.

The film opens with Billy working as a hunter for a secret society of individuals known as the Knights. Billy has been injected with a serum called Adrenochrome, which has been harvested by humans to keep them young forever. His leader is a 270 Colonel who instructs him to bring any illegal dealers of Andernachrome to justice. Before taking down a notorious Adrenochrome dealer, Billy begins to question himself on a moral level. This interrogation is enough for him to get up and leave society.

The identities of the knights must remain a secret forever, but their secret is jeopardized when a witness escapes. The plot thickens as the woman evades capture and desperately needs help, and her search for Billy begins. Her expedition to find Billy takes her to the UK, and now Billy is tasked with keeping her alive.

The pair are constantly being hunted by the Colonel and the Knights. Now Billy faces his old nemesis.

Leveraging our funding model enabled by our ISO model, we are delighted to fund the extremely passionate and upcoming director Scott Clist† A former European kickboxing champion, Clist has now turned his attention to movies. His influence in the world of kickboxing has allowed him to recruit some amazing talents within the fighting world to bring this story to life. These talents include fighters such as: Bryony ‘Killerbee’ TyrellLewis Long and Mark Godbear† All three are hard-working individuals at their sport, making them a perfect fit for this action-packed film.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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