Flickto Announces First Major Blockbuster “The Cowboy” Directed by Scott Clist

flickto is a Cardano-powered media project incubator that aims to decentralize the media industry by addressing media financing models. Bazooka Bunny and Flickto are teaming up to realize this vision through co-productions and rescue projects to give creators the opportunity to eschew Hollywood culture in the ambition to realize their creative dreams.

The emergence of MMA as the fastest growing sport in the world and the UFC as one of the most popular franchises. Flickto understood the commercial viability of such a film that lives up to the fanbase’s expectations and has such a strong and meaningful storyline.

Flickto has announced their first feature film with the following synopsis:

Billy the Kid was one of the most prolific outlaws of the Wild West. He was a murderer, an outlaw, a marksman and he became a… legend. After shooting eight men, he was hunted down and shot in the back by Pat Garret and died in 1881, or so the story goes goes…

160 years later, Billy the Kid is alive and working as a hunter for a secret society called The Knights. He is kept alive and in a state of youth through the use of Andrenachrome, an adrenaline-based substance that was released just before the moment of a traumatic death.

Billy brings all illegal Andrenachrome dealers to justice, ordered by Colonel William Blane, a 270-year-old Master Lord of The Knights. After busting a long-sought Andrenachrom dealer in a dive bar, Billy is left with moral questions and leaves society to live his remaining days in peace.

No one knows about The Knights or what they do, or why they do it, and it should stay that way, but when a young woman witnesses escapes, she must be silenced and the Society relentlessly hunts her. With danger at every turn, the young woman needs help. Looking for Billy, she eventually finds him trying to live a normal life in England and begs him to help her.

Billy must to keep her alive and to do so he must take down the Society of The Knights for good. tThe Colonel uses his army to hunt down the unlikely pair and summons the only man Billy has ever defeated before, the cop and Knight Society fighter, Pat Garret.

Now the two gunslingers are ready for a rematch in a winner-takes-all showdown. It’s the Wild West in modern-day England.

The feature film has the following cast list; Mark Godbeer (Valor Champion)Byrony ‘Killerbee’ Tyrell (Bellator fighter), Lewis Long (Bellator MMA fighter), Ian ‘The Machine’ FreemanMario Saeed Adam OakleyDavid RondeTatiani FanucchiLaura MarklewHarry Ash and Joseph Whelan

The recordings have now been confirmed, the flickto team will provide updates to their community and the wider Cardano network – as filming progresses to share behind-the-scenes content with the community. It’s one of the projects announced as part of their launch showcase; it is a co-production with Bazooka Bunnyit’s a great way for the project to showcase their ability, resources and aptitude for creating the future of media.

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