Flickto and ABCD: A Cardano Partnership to Bring Haskell Talent to the DeMe Mission

The Cardano network is paving the way for a decentralized future, a growing ecosystem where the benefits of collaboration are imminent.

Such as flickto is developing into a leading pioneer in the field of DeMe (Decentralized Media), a term created to sum up their mission to empower underrepresented communities, they believe there should be an ongoing search for partnerships that exemplify the positive impact underpinning the Cardano ethos.

Community is an essential aspect that is at the forefront of Cardano as they are the real messengers and driving force behind a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)† Not only this, but the vibrant and diverse projects being built foster this ability to bring forth their own communities.

Flickto’s introduction to this space has capitalized on the importance of this facet to both the project and stakeholders, but even more so to extend our reach to the many who want to see positive change in the world we live in. In line with the core values ​​of transparency, empowerment and decentralization, Flickto has propelled their growth through various partnerships that reflect this accordingly.

Flickto has partnered with ABCDan African Blockchain Center for Development that emphasizes stimulation the creation and growth of technology-based start-up companies and other blockchain-enabled companies.

At their core, they want to help bridge the developer and skills gap in Africa by providing better access to quality education, world-class networking and blockchain technology skills.

As mentioned before, community is a necessary tool to sustain growth, one that both Flickto and ABCD use in line with their goals. Aiming to grow a thriving developer community with the skills ready for mass construction and also provide blockchain enthusiasts with curated content couldn’t be more appropriate for flickto with The Flick Academy.

Where ABCD aims to inform and create outreach through webinars/virtual meetups, videos, podcasts, articles and case studies, collaboration can be activated here for mutual benefit. As a media platform, Flickto’s resources and expertise in this respective field can be co-produced with ABCD to branch out into the vibrant and thriving community that hails from Africa.

With the focus on successful commercial projects; The Flick Academy will begin providing media education, resources and social capital to underrepresented communities. Harnessing the rise of ed-tech to create free videos, written content and courses for anyone with an internet connection to learn how to thrive in the media space anywhere in the world.

The synergy between ABCD and Flickto is undoubtedly one that will achieve tremendous growth for their individual goals, while at the same time bringing forward the larger ecosystem of crypto, especially Cardano on which Flickto’s platform is built.

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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