Exit or HODL? Ace crypto traders have some money making tips for you

Russia is waging war on Ukraine and economists around the world are trying to keep their heads above water. As the crypto market reacts to these political rifts, a new investor may be wondering whether to be scared or greedy. To that end, some crypto traders and analysts have shared their views.

don’t mess with me

Messari Research is a knowledge center for many a crypto trader, and founder Ryan Selkis had no idea what he would do with his crypto in wartime. The researcher said

“I don’t sell. I am moving to a cold store.”

What’s more, Selkis advised investors to withdraw their Bitcoin from exchanges. The reason for this was his prediction that Russia would legalize Bitcoin to evade a potential SWIFT ban. Selkis also believed that in such a case, the US would monitor Bitcoin activity and prevent users from sending funds to unknown wallets.

On the other hand, the Messari researcher also seemed to argue that Bitcoin was intended for states that resist invasion, rather than invaders. He tweeted

“Gold is for Russia and China. Bitcoin is for Ukraine and Taiwan.”

An orchestra of opinions

Meanwhile, investment strategist and economic historian Raoul Pal gave his own advice to traders watching geopolitical events. He promises to give them some tips from his ’32-year career’, just Pal tweeted

“Do not. You have no advantage trading CNN/Fox/CNBC rumor headlines, which are a direct path to losing money. This is a public service announcement. Thank you.”

He instead insisted traders to make a long-term plan and stay loyal to it.

For his part, crypto trader and influencer Lark Davis echoed the idea of ​​sticking to a plan. In addition, he claimed that the conflict was far from over and warned against FOMO.

However, author and Bitcoin trader Vijay Boyapati had a more positive outlook on the market. He suggested that a crash followed by a strong recovery could lead to some sky-high rallies.

Number 27 of the Bitcoin Fear and Green Index Newsletter has certainly provided some insights into the current situation. The newsletter noted that $36,000 could be a challenge level for the king coin. However, the immediate goal was for Bitcoin to hold $38,000.

the newsletter concluded

Breaking this zone upwards would have several bullish implications; A key possibility would be to continue the rally towards a target of around USD 47,000. It is important to note that the rally will be voided if Bitcoin closes below $36,000 for a day.”

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