Crypto Firms Will Be Rewarded in the Long Run, Voyager CEO Says

Running crypto businesses is a tough journey that is not for the faint of heart. However, according to Stephen Ehrlich, Voyager Digital’s co-founder and CEO, patience is key, and the rewards will come in the long run.

Many have invested time and money in developing crypto-related businesses. Reports for 2021 show that more than $30 billion in investments came from venture capital. Ehrlich told Coin-Crypto that these VCs and private companies would definitely be rewarded for their faith in crypto in the long run. Moreover, he also believes that investors in publicly traded companies will also reap the benefits.

“In 2021, Bitcoin outperformed all major asset classes, one-upping crude, NASDAQ, the S&P 500 and gold. In addition, the number of hodlers is moving in a positive direction, pointing to the long-term viability of crypto.”

The co-founder of the publicly traded crypto trading platform also notes that the overall growth of the crypto ecosystem is manifested in the introduction of benefit programs that allow companies to let employees withdraw a portion of their salary in Bitcoin (BTC).

“Such mainstream adoption is an incredible sign – not only are people willing to buy and trade crypto, but they are willing to work for it. As a society, we are moving in a direction that values ​​cryptocurrencies more.”

When asked whether running crypto businesses is profitable, Ehrlich was happy to share his own experience within his company. “Voyager’s most recent quarter was our best ever, so I definitely think it’s a great time to be in crypto,” he said.

With global inflation reaching new heights and US debt rising, Ehrlich also believes that “Crypto is increasingly becoming a long-term safe haven for generations to come.”

One of the main advantages of crypto is that it creates economic equality. Voyager’s CEO underlines that crypto provides access to investor segments that have missed previous booms. Ehrlich describes being able to provide wealth-building opportunities for this sector as “hugely satisfying” as he cites the tremendous benefits found within this sector.

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While there are many good things, there are also challenges that crypto companies face. One is crypto regulation and policy. However, according to Ehrlich, most of the problems the industry faces are a direct result of its success. He notes that:

“With a broader, more inclusive regulatory infrastructure design specifically for digital assets, the crypto industry can thrive.”

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