Coin-Crypto’s Top 10 in Blockchain Is Here, But Why Would Anyone Care?

Have you ever compiled a ranking? Perhaps the best movies about finance, your favorite wineries in France, the coolest bars in your city, or just the people you want to have a cup of coffee with while you’re only in New York City for two days? If so, I think you’ll agree: it might be a lot of fun, but it’s also really hard. And the more contenders you want to show, the harder it is to place an order that’s right for you.

Imagine not only compiling this list alone, but in consultation with dozens of your colleagues, each of whom has an opinion that you value deeply. Then comes the time when you start to repent because you’ve always asked for someone’s opinion, because it’s technically impossible to include everyone’s opinion. Plus, you should update the list at least 20 times — or maybe even more — because we work in an industry where the speed at which success stories are created would make Usain Bolt jealous.

The ordeal was even more challenging for me as it was my third time working on it with the Coin-Crypto team. At some point you realize that 100 entries just aren’t enough to include everyone you want to praise or name, and you start having nightmares where last year’s winners come to apply for their spot. (In my dreams they resembled the statue of the Commendatore of Don Giovanni, I think as a tribute to the visual theme of the 2021 Top 100 cosmic marble busts.)


The list of the most influential figures in blockchain presented this year by the Coin-Crypto editors was, as usual, highly subjective and in many ways spontaneous, but also the result of a long series of chess moves, with the combinations of figures inspired by outside events as well as subtle changes in the mood of the conversation caused by the industry’s known volatile weather.

This year we wanted to experiment with the idea of ​​what, not just who, was most influential. We realized that some of the most important events for us relate to an entire community, a company, or a group of people working on a new trend – rather than a specific person. So we asked ourselves, what has most influenced our perception of the industry? Which names, teams, creations or concepts made the biggest difference? For example, alongside Vitalik Buterin, Snoop Dogg and Kristin Smith, you’ll find a dog, a monkey, a museum, climate change organizations, several concepts we’d like to continue exploring this year, and a reflection of all of us.

The theme of this year’s list is also part of an ode we wanted to pay to a visual phenomenon in the crypto industry: CryptoPunks, which revived in 2021 and which we expect to make a big impact in 2022. keep having.

I hope some of our picks made you smile, while others undoubtedly filled you with indignation. It’s great that we all have different opinions, and I’d love for you to share with us who, or what, your top crypto figures in 2022 are – on social media using the hashtag #CTTop100 or via email at editor@cointelegraph .com. And if you change your mind after sending them, don’t hesitate to share an updated version as well.

We know that the crypto community thinks big and adapts like no other to change, both inside and out. This year’s list represents that resilience. And I believe our community has tremendous potential to provide peaceful, sustainable solutions to future challenges, so let’s use it! WAGMI!

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