Cardano-powered Flickto wants to be the pioneer of DeMe. become

To that end, flickto is a solution to the problems caused by today’s media landscape, where money is regularly wasted, films and other types of media are not made for the public and big money dictates the media we consume. ISPO (Initial Stake Pool Offering) Remastered has thus been released and will easily help Flickto achieve its goal by committed to real change in this Branche.

Why bet at Flickto?

ISPO remastered allows anyone to generate passive income streams from movies, TV shows, non-replaceable tokens, digital media and the written word. flickto is a cardano (ADA) project with a clear goal of creating a DeMe sector where artists are treated as equal to the big names in Hollywood.

Flickto has already landed two successful IDO rounds using Cardano’s revolutionary stake pooling techniques and their enthusiastic community, and their ISPO Remastered has now also reached over 13 million ADA stakes.

In addition, the team is reverse-engineering the media process by generating internal resources for the industry’s most expensive and unequal elements. Sales, acquisition, and marketing can consume up to a quarter of a creator’s intellectual property and future income. To address this issue, Flickto is partnering with industry experts such as Bazooka Bunny to develop these skills in-house and reduce the hurdles artists face in achieving sustainability and profitability.

ISPO Remastered, that’s why offers an opportunity to participate in this project with a first-mover advantage and the network impact. FLICK allows individuals to receive monthly royalty payments from all sources of income and media projects.

Partnerships, achievements and future goals

Flickto has entered into a partnership with the aforementioned production company Bazooka Bunny like MuesliSwap so those who bet MILK tokens to receive FLICK tokens. With regard to past achievements and future goals, the Flickto team has all their road map goals and the first round of entries is also closed. In addition, the voting platform will be ready in the first quarter of this year and will have: already shown to the community. Thus, the full platform will be completed in 2022, with Flickto continuing to focus on being the pioneers and pioneers of the decentralized media industry.

Additionally, Cardano’s creative collaborations will be revealed soon and Flickto will also fund Cardano’s ecosystem and community storytelling. More films and various media projects will also be unveiled in collaboration with Flickto’s partners. The team will even begin offering technical and blockchain-related advisory services to charities, NGOs and a host of other mission-driven organizations to expand the influence of Cardano’s nascent technology. Providing marketing and production support to media initiatives and organizations trying to achieve their mission is also a priority for Flickto.

About Flickto

Flickto is a Cardano-powered incubator for media projects. It is on a mission to disrupt existing content funding patterns by empowering all types of content producers.

Essentially, Flickto aims to create a community atmosphere for these creators and those who support them, where they can connect, share ideas, and routinely help each other. For more information and regular updates, please visit the official website

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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