Cardano-based project Bashoswap introduces launchpad and DEX

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is currently expanding at a breakneck pace, both in terms of products and users.

Uniswap, an Ethereum blockchain token exchange technology, is one of the most important and widely used tools.

It is difficult for most people to trade tokens on Uniswap due to the high gas costs, slow transaction confirmation times and overlapping liquidity.

Many DeFi AMMs have a lot of overlap in their offerings on the Ethereum blockchain.

Decentralized Cardano Project bashoswap is looking to develop an accelerator and native token exchange platform that would connect early-stage Cardano developers with early adopters, bringing shared liquidity and a host of other new features to the platform.

One of the goals of the swap protocol, as highlighted in their white paper, is to have a token swap protocol that will be done by combining deposited Cardano native tokens and ADA into a virtual pair using the AMM technology.

Liquidity providers also have the option to choose a pool pair to enjoy the best LP fees to facilitate the unauthorized exchange of tokens with a liquidity/swapping mechanism.

When liquidity providers burn their LP tokens to extract their share of the pool reserves, they are entitled to their fees. In exchange for providing liquidity to pools, liquidity providers receive additional benefits. $Bash tokens are used to incentivize the use of critical pools.

Bashoswap Launchpad, will use Cardano smart contracts, made available by the Alonzo hard fork, to provide developers and projects seeking financial support with a transparent, efficient and fully decentralized fundraising platform.

Bash’s native token is the heart of the project. The Bash token is used for staking, farming, and governance on the network.

Bashoswap now has a private sale whitelist for early adopters who want to join the initiative

The total number of $Bash tokens created will be 500 million.

Cardano native tokens are fully supported on the Launchpad, as well as a suite of powerful DeFi technologies essential to the success of Blockchain companies in the Cardano chain.

Token transactions and exchanges on the Cardano blockchain are made possible with Bashoswap DEX.

Bashoswap also wants to launch a monoliquidity pool that would work. Instead of using the regular pool pairs, a single token design for liquidity pools will be introduced.

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