Bright future for the real estate sector as Bixos launches UBXS token

Excitement is flying high in the cryptocurrency space as Bixos, a company known for developing advanced blockchain technologies, launches the highly anticipated Utility Bixos Token (UBXS) that aims to raise awareness for Bixos projects

Bixos has created the UBXS token on the BSC network as an asset that will be used in blockchain Defi and also used to exchange for NFTs needed to propel the unanimous operations of the virtual and real estate sectors.

Just as the physical universe is a collection of connected worlds in space, the metaverse is a shared 3D virtual world, or worlds, that are interactive, collaborative, and immersive. The metaverse serves as the bridge between the physical and virtual world. Meanwhile, UBXS represents the decentralized infrastructure for the metaverse, merging the physical and virtual worlds through the real estate sector. UBXS token can be used to buy assets within the virtual reality worlds developed on the BSC network.

In reality, everyone wants to own a house; it’s usually at the top of the majority’s to-do list. However, the same desire extends to the virtual space, and virtual users race to get land and build a house in the metaverse. Moreso, In one of our recently released articles, we talked about how the blockchain technologies like NFT, web3, metaverse and DAOs have proven the blockchain as a big jar filled with endless innovations and opportunities.

Bixos’ ownership of real estate transcends the virtual space into reality. With a single transaction on the Bixos network, users can own a physical estate without stress by purchasing the NFT version of the desired physical estate. In a similar vein, Bixos users can also sell their real estate in the real world in exchange for virtual real estate minted as NFT, turning them into a real estate owner of a virtual world. Bixos achieves this by converting home certificate ownership into NFTs and listing it on global real estate.

Virtual reality has been all the rage since 2010, when the first prototype of the groundbreaking Oculus Rift was introduced. Since then, tech giants like Samsung, Microsoft and Google have seen the potential of simulated environments and have jumped on the VR train.

Many industries have recently noticed the positive use of blockchain technology in their domain, especially in the real estate sector. The real estate sector remains the most important capital in the world. Although blockchain has been around for a little over a decade, the gains from this digital method of moving valuables are still a long way off for many commercial real estate managers.

The UBXS Token (Utility Bixos Token) aims to create awareness for future Bixos projects, introduce Bixos, gather an audience, raise funds and determine the starting price of the BXS Token. UBXS Token will help the investors to get BXS Token faster and easier. In addition, BXS Token strikers will be given the opportunity to become a shareholder of the company.

A company spokesperson said: “With the infrastructure, we will create our clients’ assets that will be under maximum protection with the double encryption system by adding the approval mechanism (lawyer approval or a second approval) to your NFT transfers.


Bixos announces the launch of the UBXS token as an advancement in developing advanced blockchain technologies that create awareness for the company as a whole.

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