Blockchain-powered game WonderHero sees average player income reach $1,215 within weeks of launch

As the most recent advancement in the gaming industry, the concept of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming has garnered mainstream popularity, especially as gamers look for new revenue opportunities during the pandemic. Through P2E, individuals can generate passive returns while playing certain games. The concept has become so popular that there have been scattered cases worldwide where players are earning more than their regular salary, leading to an unprecedented rise in the number of P2E games and players.

Between the deluge of play-to-earn games, MiracleHero, a recently launched P2E Mobile RPG, has proven to be a very profitable game for early adopters. Within just three weeks of its unveiling, WonderHero players have been earning a whopping $1,215 on a rolling basis since its inception – more than the minimum wage in the United States.

In this blockchain-powered game, players can earn rare non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and then sell or trade them on a P2P NFT marketplace. Built by a team of professionals with leadership experience on some of the most prominent crypto exchanges, WonderHero maintains a balanced ecosystem where each participant gains access to income opportunities while having fun at the same time.

A promising source of income for game enthusiasts

Given the ongoing bear market in cryptocurrencies, WonderHero is offering its community an average revenue opportunity of 1,215 USDT, a clear indication that P2E gaming will become even more attractive in the near future.

This substantial income is a result of the WonderHero ecosystem, which uses the combination of the platform’s native $WND and $HON tokens in addition to NFTs. On average, each player earned a combined $WND and $HON token income of approximately USD 3.27. At the same time, the average NFT in each player’s account currently has an estimated value of 1,150 USDT.

Extremely popular in Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan, WonderHero includes a built-in NFT marketplace and an ‘Earn’ section with dedicated DeFi (decentralized finance) tools. Powered by the $WND token, the WonderHero ecosystem allows players to complete battles and win in-game tokens and NFT drops. Since all in-game assets are token as NFTs, players can freely trade them on the market.

Within just three weeks since its public release, WonderHero players have successfully generated over 200% ROI. Thanks to the combination of unique gameplay and rewards, the platform has already amassed more than 11,000 daily active players, who together have logged more than 1.4 million battles played.

Based on the total user activity on the platform, the battles have generated more than $22.2 million HON tokens and $129,000 WND for players. Meanwhile, average NFT sales have brought in close to USD 51, resulting in a combined NFT trading volume of USD 2.9 million, underscoring the growing popularity of P2E games and this particular ecosystem.

According to the WonderHero team, the demand for NFTs for weapons and hero skin is at an all-time high. To date, the most valuable weapon NFT traded for 2,000 USDT, and the most expensive hero skin NFT got 1,999 USDT in the bag. On the other hand, equipment NFTs are quite popular, and the highest selling price for equipment NFTs is currently 400 USDT.

Besides the in-game assets, WonderHero’s ‘Guilds’ feature and the player versus player (PvP) Arena are two of the most hyped additions designed to make the platform’s growth much higher. WonderHero is backed by a consortium of industry heavyweights, who have already raised $1,845 million from several successful fundraising rounds prior to its Launch in January

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