Bashoswap announces the private sale of its native token $BASH

Bashoswap, a Cardano-based project, announces the launch of the development of its innovative features as the ecosystem begins private sale of its original token $BASH.

Bashoswap plans to provide an IDO launch pad and decentralized exchange platform to connect Cardano developers and early community members of the ecosystem, enabling pooled liquidity and the addition of several unique features to the platform.

The main features of Bashoswap are the IDO launch pad and the DEX platform. Bashoswap plans to launch a scalable IDO launch pad on the Cardano network. As a result, members of the Bashoswap community could invest in and trade in high-potential DeFi projects.

Bashoswap observed the difficulties most individuals face when trading tokens on Uniswap due to high gas costs, slow transaction confirmation times and overlapping liquidity. As a result, the ecosystem uses Cardano’s scalability to build highly effective decentralized solutions.

According to the whitepaper, Bashoswap’s IDO launch pad would help provide liquidity to innovative blockchain projects that are finding it difficult to raise funds by connecting them with a dedicated and passionate community. It is also important to note that Cardano’s native tokens are fully supported on the Launchpad, as well as a suite of powerful DeFi technologies essential to the success of Blockchain companies in the Cardano chain.

Also, as mentioned in Bashoswap’s whitepaper, one of the goals of the bashoswap project is to have a token-swap protocol, which will be achieved by combining deposited Cardano native tokens and ADA into a virtual pair. using AMM technology. In addition, liquidity providers can select a pool pair to enjoy the best LP fees to support the permissionless exchange of tokens through a liquidity/swapping mechanism.

The entire ecosystem is powered by $BASH, the native token of the Bashoswap ecosystem. The BASH token is used on the network for staking, farming and governance. The platform management is structured in such a way that the Bashoswap community can manage and manage the ecosystem by voting on critical business decisions.

It should be noted that the project is currently running its private sale whitelist for early adopters and community members. During the private sale, Bashoswap aims to issue 100,000,000 BASH tokens or approximately 20% of the total stock of BASH tokens.

The project appears to be gaining significant momentum in terms of demand during the ongoing private sale as more than 1,300 participants have signed up for the private sale whitelist.

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