Bitcoin exchange volume in Ukraine rises 200% as war in Russia causes currency problems

Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoin trading volumes have soared on a major cryptocurrency exchange in Ukraine in the wake of the Russian invasion, data shows. According to surveillance source: CoinGekkoon February 24, Kuna’s volume nearly tripled to over $4 million. Crypto on Ukrainians’ radar When the armed conflict with Russia began, the impact on both countries’ … Read more

These South Korean Crypto Firms Are Warming Up To Comply With FATF Travel Rule

South Korean regulatory watchdogs have made their stance quite clear with the new travel rule. No, not for COVID. As the regulatory landscape in Korea changed, crypto firms had to proactively work with regulators to avoid forced shutdowns. The latest development is making the crypto scene in Korea more transparent. CODE-ing its way through Several … Read more

The Rise of Security Token Exchanges

Many countries want to dematerialize their financial markets by switching from physical to digital securities tracking using blockchain technology. For issuers, digital securities make global issuance cheaper and more efficient, while streaming business activities with smart contracts. On the investor side, digital securities provide access to a larger pool of investment opportunities, while reducing settlement … Read more

How are businesses adopting cryptocurrencies in the Present and Future?


In this blog, we will see How are businesses adopting cryptocurrencies in the Present and Future? Let’s check out. How Cryptocurrency Will Transform The Future Business Forever? The adoption of digital assets in businesses and financial institutions has been rising in the last few years. Along with it, interest in the digital asset has also … Read more

Rules and Precautions For Crypto Investment!


Precautions For Crypto Investment – Undoubtedly, the crypto market is way more volatile than any security market. You must be brave enough to invest in such a market with no certainty and regulatory authority to have an investor-protecting mechanism.  Some projects, team members, and the company behind the project is genuine enough to give you … Read more