Atem Network launches its beta version that combines Web3 group chats and social transactions

Web3 Startup in Singapore Atem network is about to launch its product beta on March 16, 2022, 9:00 am GMT-5. Atem Network is a multichain Web3 social platform that combines decentralized community and social transactions. In Atem, group rooms are automatically generated based on data in the chain, users can enter different group rooms based on tokens/NFTs they own, can chat and complete P2P NFT transactions in the decentralized community. For beta launch, Atem supports all NFTs on Ethereum Network.

The beta version is linked to Atem Passport NFT airdrop, where participants can free Atem Passport NFT to test Beta Launch. According to Atem Network, the purpose of this NFT is to serve as a passport for the early adopter to try their product in beta testing and provide real feedback to the team to improve the product before the public launch. With group spaces formed under NFTs that are mutually owned by users, the network connects multiple users together.

A month ago, Atem Network announced its $3 million Series Seed investment; investors include Mask Network, GSR Ventures, A&T Capital, Mirana Ventures and many others. The fund will be used to build a multichain Web3 social platform that combines a decentralized community and social commerce. This is how you create a private community exclusively for crypto and NFT enthusiasts.

Atem Network believes in developing a better Web3 ecosystem. Therefore, the project is building potential partnerships under its umbrella. Atem Network recently announced its partnership with Mask Network, a portal to Web3; RSS3, an open information syndication protocol for Web3; Mintverse, an NFT aggregator and marketplace; iZUMi Finance, a platform that offers liquidity as a service;, a comprehensive NFT explorer and HOURAI, a metaverse powered by DeFi derivatives in its Web3 group space. Combined with creativity, this project is sure to bring a new perspective to the web3 space, steering it in a direction that represents a bright future for the digital ecosystem.

About Atem Network

Atem network is a Singapore-based startup operating in the Web3 group space. The project represents a system of decentralized community and social transactions driven by a multi-chain procedure. Atem has exerted disproportionate influence on the Web3 community with its Web3 solution for multi-chain social protocols, and it believes in continuing this for the community on a wider scale.


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