Acta Finance Enters Avalanche Ecosystem After Rebranding ADA Finance

ADA Finance, pioneering decentralized financial (DeFi) ecosystem that will initially operate on Avalanche, has successfully completed a rebrand and changed its name to Acta Finance (ActaFi). In addition to this rebranding, the ActaFi team has also developed their own native Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol, ActaFi Swap.

The ActaFi team took the name ‘Acta’ from the Latin phrase ‘Acta non verba’, which translates to ‘deeds, not words’, reflecting the team’s focus on content development and community building within the crypto space.

Commenting on the rebranding, ActaFi’s CEO and founder, Christof Watonsaid:

“Initially, we only wanted to launch on Cardano, but we couldn’t risk our investors’ funds developing on an early blockchain that is still prone to vulnerabilities and scalability issues. That’s why we started developing the same ecosystem in parallel, within the same project, on Avalanche. The name ADA Finance limited the interest of people who are anti or neutral towards ADA / Cardano, with our token on Avalanche and utilities on Avalanche it was better to rebrand to a neutral name, hence Acta Finance.”

Pioneering in the DeFi space

ActaFi’s rebranding is accompanied by several new releases and announcements that will lay the groundwork for ActaFi Swap. The first is an onchain affiliate program that will encourage members of the Acta community to attract new users to the ecosystem, encouraging organic community growth.

This will work in conjunction with the onchain strike of $ACTA, the ecosystem’s new token. Users can wager $ACTA in the normal way, expanding their wager to claim administrative rights in the ecosystem’s new Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) as it becomes available.

TGE incentives for $ACTA will be made public on April 5, 2022 and both $ACTA staking and the ecosystem partner program are currently monitored by Solidity Finance.

A New Approach to WMAs

ActaFi’s new AMM, ActaFi Swap, will launch later in 2022 and will include several new features that put it at the cutting edge of AMM protocols.

First, ActaFi Swap will follow the concentrated liquidity model of Uniswap v3, a model that allows liquidity to be allocated within an adjusted price range. While this requires more maintenance than the passive feature used by most SMPs, the ability to adjust price ranges allows liquidity providers to provide their capital more efficiently according to their needs. As a result, it is preferred by experienced digital asset managers, market makers and funds as it allows them to react more dynamically to market changes.

Second, the ActaFi team focuses on decentralization and interoperability from the offset, such as competing aggregators, such as 1inch. This ensures maximum liquidity for the ActaFi ecosystem, allowing the SMP to achieve the most efficient prices for its assets.

Finally, ActaFi Swap will include a token bridge as a secondary feature built into the swap, allowing users to take advantage of access to more liquidity for assets on other blockchains (e.g. Ethereum, Cardano, and Avalanche.). Consequently, users have the best possible price outcome for the assets they wish to trade. This is a feature of the most advanced DeFi ecosystems, but is often too complex for ordinary users to take advantage of. ActaFi Swap will simplify the user experience to make toke bridges more accessible to the common user.

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Building on a year of success

Both ActaFi’s rebranding and the development of its own SMP follow a year of positive press, business development and community building for the ActaFi team. The team receive an award for the best DeFi project of the year at the AIBC summit in Malta in November 2021. Consequently, the team attracted the attention of several KOLs in the crypto world, including more than 70 YouTubers with a global reach of more than 8 million people . The team also managed to secure an investment from Roger Ver (AKA Crypto Jesus), former CEO and early Bitcoin investor.

The ActaFi team is now leveraging this success to position itself at the forefront of the DeFi space, with the rebrand placing a strong emphasis on development.

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