A review of Ekta

Ekta is one of the trending blockchain protocols bridging the physical and digital worlds. Called EktaChain, the mainnet leverages the power of blockchain in tokenizing real-world assets. Therefore, EktaChain facilitates the representation of physical assets and their real value as virtual analogues.

In its operation, Ekta aims to provide users with a platform to build a profitable and robust portfolio of real-world assets, but on-chain, and for all budgets and investor types. Its mission to symbolize traditional businesses, natural resources and real-world capital provides both brands and individuals with the opportunity to grow using their assets.

Ekta NFT Marketplace

Ekta is following its roadmap and will soon launch its own NFT marketplace. Non-functioning tokens are an emerging technology that has exploded in a large industry in a short period of time. It is now one of the most important tools for brand marketing, advertising, financing and other purposes. However, NFTs only have sustainable value if they are backed by real use cases and assets.

Launched in August 2021, Ekta is one of the most targeted decentralized protocols to align blockchain with the physical world. It prepares a unique and transparent self-developed NFT marketplace for NFT enthusiasts to explore those value asset-backed assets rather than just digital art as NFTs.

In line with its vision, Ekta will create a cross-chain NFT platform for trading, staking and exchanging physical assets with digital asset representation. The Ekta NFT marketplace will serve as a bridge where NFT developers and owners of the physical assets interact with other brands and individuals through their virtual collections.

Ekta’s vision for its NFT marketplace

Ekta’s mission is to bridge blockchain to the physical world and spearhead its mass market adoption. The protocol aims to achieve this goal by creating platforms that provide real-world utility and benefit to people and communities not yet in the chain. By doing so, Ekta will fulfill its vision to create targeted profits through its NFT marketplace.

Here are some of the physical assets that can be represented as NFTs.

Real Estate Verified Carbon Units (VCU) Stocks in Startup Companies

In general, users will be able to tokenize various assets on Ekta ranging from properties to utilities, regardless of location worldwide.

In addition, Ekta supports project development targeting various industries such as smart technology, clean technology, alternative medicine, ocean start-ups, aquaponics and permaculture.

The overall functionality of the Ekta ecosystem includes some features that have already been launched, such as its own blockchain explorer (ektascan.io), its own bridge (bridge.ekta.io); and soon-to-be-launched platforms such as the Ekta NFT marketplace, Ekta’s Hybrid Exchange (HYBEX), and Ekta Wallet. With all the available tools and functionality of Ekta’s blockchain mainnet, the protocol ecosystem gives various partners and projects the right platform for development and profitability.

Is Ekta safe?

Although EKTA tokens are non-minable currencies, you cannot mine new tokens from other sources as the mainnet already has pre-mined tokens. It implies that EKTA’s digital currency is not fully decentralized, which poses a security risk. Considering that Ekta saves a lot of energy thanks to its pre-mined token. However, users new to Ekta World should consider taking all security measures, for example 2-step verification.

Why should you choose Ekta?

The best thing about Ekta that appeals to new users is the access to real-world assets. For example, you can buy land and real estate in Indonesia through Ekta’s NFT Marketplace. In fact, Ekta’s carbon footprint is smaller than others because it has digital tokens upfront.

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