A closer bond with your favorite celebrities

Professional research has shown that celebrities and fans are equally important in celebrity-fan relationships (clutch† Before social media, interacting with your favorite artist was impossible. The closest possible interaction is reading a recent newspaper interview.

When social media boomed, those with fame were able to show their personalities to fans. However, this was no different than watching a newspaper – except with more colors and interactivity. Beginning in the 21st century, the adoration and support of fans took celebrities to new heights where business and brand creation took over (clutch† Nevertheless, this evolving form of business is deeply flawed, as celebrity marketing is limited as it targets their existing fans.

Other platforms have tried to create both profit and connection, such as Cameo, TrueFan and TRING. Each of these services allows fans to pay and receive content upon request. On paper these services seem good, a celebrity can earn some side income by interacting with fans and bridging the gap between them. Academics, social scientists and professionals have mentioned a dark side to these services (clutch) and instead of fostering close ties to performers, they turned performers into digital puppets, from which a user can perform digital ventriloquism to play with a celebrity’s persona. These services prey on the artists, take down percentages, and use their image to fool fans into thinking that interaction makes sense. The result is an unhealthy power dynamic between celebrities and their fans – dictated by money rather than community involvement. These are the only services for supporting artists to connect with their fans.

That is until nOFTEN released their unique NFT (non-fungible token) platform for celebrities. NFTs are physical assets, converted into digital assets, securely stored on a blockchain. The blockchain automates transactions and ensures that the owner’s assets remain in their possession. Blockchains still need a marketplace to trade. Thus, nOFTEN produced an excellent marketplace for artists, celebrities and fans around the world.

The experience with nOFTEN is simple, an artist joins, verifies their identity and then gets a vibrant platform to create and distribute content. nOFTEN gives the artists the freedom to create and express themselves to fans. For fans, they can possess eternal, passionately crafted creations from those they adore. The NFTs offered on the platform are not just solicited content like the one on Cameo. Instead, there are options to own artwork or meaningful memorabilia. The platform offers additional incentives including verified accounts to stop unauthentic resellers, royalties and freedom to be creative.

The nOFTEN platform aims to further strengthen the connection between communities and artists in the future. Their roadmap plans future features including staking for their $NOF token and a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Enabling a DAO for nOFTEN allows artists and fans alike to work together to use $NOF, the mutual financial asset. Working together, the nOFTEN community can change the rules and laws of the platform.

With that, it is clear that nOFTEN offers the first unrestricted platform to support interaction between celebrities and fans. This platform replaces competitors by creating an ecosystem without restrictions. The limitations and issues include a limited sphere of influence, unhealthy power dynamics and social control. The nOFTEN platform solves all these problems by providing a hub of like-minded artists and nOFTEN partners for collaboration. The unhealthy power dynamics are removed by promoting creative freedom, not creative control. Furthermore, the future DAO will enable both parties to harmoniously support each other and the wider community. The bond between fans and celebrities has never been stronger thanks to the nOFTEN marketplace. Visit the website of nOFTEN here

A super rare and unique platform, will you join the nOFTEN revolution with your favorite celebrity?

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