$1 million rock NFT sells for a penny in all ore nothing wrong

It’s a hard rock life for one crypto user. A clumsy keystroke and the actions of a sniper bot caused a million dollar error on March 10.

A rock worth 444 ether (ETH), or $1.2 million, sold for 444 Wei ($0.0012) to a bot as a seller, DinoDealer confused WEI and ETH. In a tweet, the seller said, “In one click, my entire ~$1 million dollar net worth is gone.”

The “bot sniped” refers to bot snipers, who are initially in usage on eBay auction site. Buyers who want to time their bids to the last second would use the tools, but they are now productive on NFT listings. Popular freelance website Upwork now lists bot sniping tools for as’s NFT platform OpenSea small like $200.

Once the bot picks up the NFT or digital receipt, there is no turning back. Blockchains are constructed in such a way that they are immutable, so simple mistakes, such as confusing ETH and WEI, can be extremely expensive.

Indeed, human errors abound in the crypto world. An unfortunate Bitcoin (BTC) user recently lost $10,000 (0.25 BTC) due to an error that could have been avoided if they double checked the recipient’s wallet address.

The seller, DinoDealer, appears to have come to terms with the loss and is sharing the stone’s address publicly. blunt snipe† They shed light on the situation by uploading a new Twitter profile picture and adding a crying emoji after their Twitter handle. Their avatar stands next to the precious rock, crossed out in red.

DinoDealer’s new Twitter photo with sad bricks and canceled bricks in the background. Source: Twitter

More jokes came from DinoDealer’s futile attempt to contact “crypto customer service”. Their attempts to talk to members of the crypto community were met with replies from suspicious users who claimed to be helping, with email addresses and WhatsApp numbers.

Screenshots of the conversations DinoDealer had with “crypto customer service”. Source: Twitter

Do not contact these numbers or email addresses.

The past month has been tumultuous due to seemingly minor mistakes with potentially serious consequences. In some cases, a simple mistake can wipe out millions of dollars in market value that is becoming more common.

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A white Coinbase hacker discovered a flaw in the Coinbase Pro code that could have destroyed the market, while the frenzied trading behavior of bots slowed the launch of the WTF token from 58 ETH. “Poor management of the liquidity pool” exposed the launch.

In better days for DinoDealer, other crypto rock enthusiasts have come to his rescue, a user sent the geologist seller a image of the rock with glasses and headphones, signed “mfer rocks”.

Bottoming consolation for a million dollars. Source: Etherscan

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